I wonder what that blackbox warning on my antidepressants is for...oh

  1. Just going to prefix this comment and this meme by saying, that while I'm not definitely not okay (look at the meme, no okay person makes this), I'm physically safe and I have appointments with my psychiatrist and therapist in a few days but I just need to vent really bad because outside of those people I have no one left irl

  2. Im sorry you got stuck in such shitty circumstances, I can only imagine how deep are you in the ocean of despair. But dont let go, fight with your mental illness as long as you can. Maybe it wont be enough and you'll fully submit to it, but there's also a chance that you just might make it through. I am not promising anything, Im saying you just might outlast the bad things in your life.

  3. From my understanding, the danger in the beginning is that you depression may have been an extra buffer keeping you from acting on impulsive things or feeling all your anxiety. So when that lifts up, the first week or two can be dangerous.

  4. I'm sorry, I know what its like to feel abandoned and have shitty mental health resources at hand. Good luck for the next few days.

  5. Damn, the memes on here are starting to get a bit dark for me. I joined this subreddit thinking it was about encouraging each other to heal from CPTSD but the vibe here is pretty hopeless and depressing.

  6. I just came out of another depression recently (mine are riddled with suicidal ideation as well). One of the things that helped was getting my favorite treats for myself after work or a hard task, such as iced chai, stickers, or the sweater I had been eyeing for months. I also have been listening to chapter 9 of Complex PTSD by Pete Walker on repeat for helpful affirmations. One of my favorites is "I might feel guilty but I am not guilty."

  7. as a small child the only reason i wanted to live was to have my own place where I could cut myself freely :| remembering that is giving me some Funny Feelings ™

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