Ed Fast out as Conservative finance critic hours after criticizing Pierre Poilievre

  1. Wow... that seems really partisan. And also a pretty strong sign that the party feels the wind is blowing towards Polievre.

  2. Yes. Its in the party, and by definition partisan. And yes, Charest and Brown have no chance because the party brass has already picked Polievre.

  3. Sure looks like PP has the backing of the CPC brass. Most people have come out criticizing his horrible takes on the Bank of Canada. But minutes after someone in the party does it they are kicked out of their position. It's a bit on the nose.

  4. When MP Eric Duncan, who was an O'Toole backer, has housed Syrian refugees, and helped get the blood ban lifted...when he came out backing PP, I knew the race was done. The people inside the party have decided. They've told the caucus to get in line already.

  5. I think the party membership should endorse PR. The PC and reform factions hate each other more than they hate Trudeau at this point.

  6. Is there anything wrong that P.P. argued that BoC had breached the law in QE that the amount of printed money buying government's debts had far exceeded one-third of government's budgetary fiscal revenues required by the statute law.

  7. I’ve actually met the guy and debated him on energy issues and when he couldn’t come up with an intelligent rebuttal he literally used the drunk uncle on thanksgiving defence “well you use oil in your car right”.

  8. Since he’s been part of Charest’s campaign, I am a little surprised that he hadn’t lost his shadow cabinet role already.

  9. I wouldn’t be so confident. A lot of people said the same thing when Trump was handed the nomination from the Republican Party in the US. The populism that Pierre is selling is alluring to low-information voters who are looking for an easy fix to their own personal and financial woes. Poilievre will say what they want to hear and many of them will eat it up. Putting PP at the helm of the CPC could be a disaster but it could also win them the next election.

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