Trump calls Liz Cheney 'worse than any Democrat' as she pushes lawmakers on the January 6 committee to hold him accountable: report

  1. You see, standing up to the angry Orange dude, believing that loyalty to your country is more important than loyalty to any political party... believing that launching a violent attack on your own government because you can't admit that you lost an election should disqualify you from ever holding public office ever again... that makes you worse than a DEMOCRAT.

  2. Treasoner-In-Chief mad because his Oathbreaking has been directly called out consistently. Country before party.

  3. Diaper-shitting, oompa-loompa party...... they think is still worth supporting. You cant support a psycho and claim to be a moderate.

  4. To be honest, I don't give them the benefit of the doubt that this is rosy eyed conservatives who think the GOP can be saved. They're cut from the same cloth as the people who voted in Nixon, were upset that he was implicated, and continued to quietly vote Republican just as before.

  5. He’s just running on pure spite and McDonalds. Every rally clip I’ve seen he’s a hot mess. Bright red, sweaty, slurring, kind of weird for a guy who swears he never drinks… Did he have a stroke in the last year?

  6. I was hoping for COVID to do the deed back in October 2020 (and it would've had he not had access to the world's most high-end health care at the time). It would've been a fitting and ironic end to that scumbag's miserable existence.

  7. Theyll just make a martyr of him and use his name to push their way into power. The qFucks will call it fake & sayvhe's still alive. Tucker will be on TV asking "questions" like, ""can we know for certain joe biden didn't poison him". The funeral / memorial will end up being the nation's largest gathering of militias, moderate republicans will forget his awfulness and remember dumb shit as his "legacy". We'll have to see him splashed over the news & media. The conspiracies will go into apeshit overload.

  8. Pretty much. Basically it’s a giant ‘egg on one of their dumber idiots to do something stupid and then pretend they had no idea’

  9. I don't like Liz Cheney. I have never liked Liz Cheney. Most of her political views are completely noxious.

  10. It's because Trump can't stop, his tiny little ego has been bruised, and he has to try to destroy her. Short of her rolling over over and being his bitch, like Ted Cruze did, he won't let it go. He's literally forcing her to do the right thing.

  11. I'd really love to be a fly on the wall during a Cheney family dinner. I wonder what Dick's take is on all of this.

  12. Of all the possible hills to die on she is gonna take him & as many of his accomplices as possible with her into political shadowlands.

  13. If the biggest piece of shit in the country (putting him high on that list world wide) speaks of you like this, you're doing something right, even if you are Liz Cheney

  14. I'm still interested to see how much the sanctions on Russia affect the Republicans abilities to get campaign donations in 2022 and 2024.

  15. When Nixon was in denial about Watergate he had names for people too but they didn't get amplified by social media and the press. No one is above the law. Most criminals don't have the Trump soapbox drowning out all the tiny violins.

  16. You have to keep in mind that Cheney is walking a tightrope here. She wants the focus on Trump because she knows how truly hated he is among fellow GOPers so once Donny is dethroned she can weasel her way back into the good graces of the party leadership and regain her congressional leadership status.

  17. You know you are in the right side of history when a would be proto-dictator says you are worst than their enemies.

  18. I cannot fucking believe that it took a year and a half for any of these assclowns to admit that a man who encouraged a (failed, hilariously) insurrection on the Capitol was "worse than crossing the aisle and voting for a Democrat." What in the actual flipping ducking fuck is wrong with Republicans? And the best/worst part? She's going to get raked over the coals by other Goobers because that strike is really just unfair. The whole party is fucked! Every single one of them! Some are just less fucked up than others.

  19. Even if I don't believe in her politics, I think she and a handful of republikkkrooks are doing what a true politician is supposed to do... THEIR JOB serving the country and its people, not orange julius's wannabe Jung Un Putin self. In doing so though, they are likely to lose their positions because the people they serve are turning on them and backing orange julius.

  20. She's an apple that fell from one of the worst trees the gop ever put out. Keep in mind, she talks a big game, but is still a republican.

  21. Honestly outside of January 6, commission Liz Cheney has voted against Abortion, Voter Rights, and other things that would help us not the 1%.

  22. Everything to him is the best or worst ever. I just don't even understand how anyone listens to him and wants to follow him.

  23. Broken clock is right two times a day after all. I agree that she is worse than any Democrat, though she is better than almost any other Republican.

  24. He always throws these huge tantrums and calls names and it’s kind of embarrassing to realize he is an adult and represented our country.

  25. I feel like she's only doing it out of spite but the Cheney's we're the Trump before Trump so 🤷‍♂️

  26. Of course he will try every dirty trick that anybody can think of to not be held accountable for what was basically treason.

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