The Evidence Of Trump’s Criminal Intent Is Unequivocal, Undeniable, And Overwhelming

  1. Preach. Really sick of hearing that line “well if he ‘believed’ what he was saying, they cant say he had intent.”

  2. Me: "I didn't rob that bank. I believed that it was my money and that it was appropriate to point a gun at the teller and threaten to kill her if she didn't put it in a bag and hand it to me without ringing the alarm."

  3. I’m going to rob a bank tomorrow and simply inform the police that it was my sincere belief that what I was doing was lawful.

  4. "Where is there a shred of evidence against me"....says man who insisted on being followed by at least one probably three film documantarians and whose Rico cohorts put everything in writing, signed by themselves, and who publicly makes quote after quote proving his guilt ?

  5. Some say......he was the best criminal. I knew him well. He has a great respect for criminals, as you possibly have heard. He just has great respect for them. And they like him, he likes them.

  6. Not just trump. But the whole Republican Party that continues to allow this to happen. Who used this as cover to pass restrictions on voting. Who voted to not certify the election after Jan 6.

  7. Laws are only meant to keep the working class in line. Everyone else seems to get a pass. This is the issue that all the news networks on both sides are not talking about. If an average Joe tried to over turn an election he would be in prison with half the evidence. Prove me wrong.

  8. His followers truly believe that the evidence is false. The more violent ones are threatening war and or terrorist attacks. The evidence is overwhelming and still they support him. A decent percentage believe that Trump is being persecuted because he is the one to start a new government based on Christianity. This is a frightening thought because I believe that Trump will continue to take advantage of the situation in order to reclaim leadership and create a theocracy. Of course, many of them refuse to follow the hearings. The cognitive dissonance is difficult to look at but necessary.

  9. Let them be violent. They are going to be violent anyway. Might as well give them a reason, by prosecuting the fat bastard NOW. Their violence won’t prevail.

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