Switching from Captel to TRS side at Hamilton

  1. Based on what happened when Hamilton centers transitioned away from TRS, being giving people an opportunity to apply to Captel before terming them, I would assume that before terming Captel CAs, they would give them the option to transfer to TRS. Having been a TRS Operator/CA in the past, it is a much different skill set than Captel, but if you can type quickly, it's not the worst. Plus if you like being a bit theatric, it has some room for that. Rather than just monotone repeating things, you're encouraged to "get in character" and add emotion to what you read. The big thing to do before applying is check where your typing speed is at. Last I knew, they wanted 60 words per minute at 95% accuracy.

  2. Not sure I understand. You are expected to "get into character" but they want 60 wpm typing speed? So it's a combination of typing AND talking? Sounds kind of hectic. lol

  3. It’s only a solution for Hamilton CapTel because CSS has no TRS side. I wish you luck. I remember not too long ago when Hamilton cut hours and laid off people and were getting rid of office furniture so watch your backs.

  4. The getting rid of office furniture was a result of transitioning to working from home. One of the centers physical locations closed and all the CAs transitioned to working from home. There were no cut hours or lay offs. Source: I was a lead in that center, was "demoted" to CA to be able to work from home. The last time that happened was when their Wisconsin center closed like 10 years ago, and even then, they offered to let people relocate to other centers if they wanted to.

  5. Idk there is no automation on that side. You do everything. Eventually robots will take over most jobs but the TRS side I believe will outlast the Captel side

  6. There is no captioning in TRS. You type what you hear, and read what is typed. If it's VCO then you just type what you hear and mute the VCO user when they say GA. They are very strict on using the bathroom so if you have a tiny bladder it can be quite difficult.

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