Land Rover Velar SV Autobiography - Vanguard Automotive Design

  1. Oh man I laughed and said "you motherfucker" when I got to the upholstery pics. Matching... the damn... OEM hole size and design. No detail is too small. You're in a league of your own dude.

  2. Beautiful. I feel your pain on the upholstery. I had my motorcycle seats redone a few years back and while the results were beautiful it took way way longer than it should have and was so incredibly frustrating. Unfortunately I feel like that's a fairly common experience for most places. Hope the customer likes it and felt it was worth the wait, because it doesn't does really look good!

  3. Upholstery is an art. Art isn't always done on a time frame. Add to that the fact to many installers like to overpromise, and its a recipe for disaster. The Sema builds we've done the (interiors) for have taken several months to do correctly. This install isn't that indepth, but the cnc perfing, etc takes time to get correct.

  4. Those tweeters are amazing! I’ve looked at buying a pair but couldn’t find any for sale in the US. Where do you get them from?

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