Game 151: St. Louis Cardinals (87-63) @ San Diego Padres (83-66) [Thursday, September 22, 2022; 3:10 PM CT]

  1. For all that panic over the last couple days, we emerge with the Cardinals winning the season series Vs San Diego 4-2. I’ll take it.

  2. Agreed. I would ditch the pinstripes and get a better script on there, but I'm glad they're back to the brown and yellow

  3. The best part of SD’s order was due up in the 8th. You put your best pitcher out there to face them, fuck a save stat. It was the right move.

  4. Seriously just fucking stop. We get it you hate Paul DeJong’s guts for no other reason than he’s bad at hitting. He is an amazing defensive player and this is absolutely the right move.

  5. You could make the argument to throw Helsley out there again if this were the playoffs, but I want no part of sending him out there to lock down a regular season game. Gallegos is fully capable of locking it down.

  6. 104 is absolutely nuts. 90 is considered a very soft fastball, 97 considered very fast. 104 is the same difference away from 97 but just the other way. Insane.

  7. I was finishing cooking dinner & almost Donnie’s grand slam. Anyway, all runs scored while dinner was being prepared.

  8. Hey sorry I been real busy this afternoon, but I did call down there and gotta hold of some kid in the dugout zz Donny ir something? Hell I dunno there was a racket and he wasn't even paying attention I don't think, but ANYWAYYYYY

  9. Watched a good royals game (they swept the twins 4-1), ate a hatful of disturbingly unhealthy nachos, a redbirds grand slam, and

  10. Used to get all my tea from Teavana, but Starbuck’s bought them and killed them off. Now I get everything from Adagio teas. I think I may break out some Yunan Gold tonight.

  11. Between a decent start from Jack, a nice performance by Matz in the bullpen, and FIVE runs scored, is there any reason to not believe we are going all the way? RECKLESS OPTIMISM.

  12. I have no clue how you sort the bullpen for the playoffs. Cabrera doesn’t seem to be returing, so you have Romero, Matz, Thompson, Naughton, and Quintana potentially as left handed options. Jack Flaherty is another factor. There’s also Hudson and Woodford.

  13. rotation gotta be Waino/Miles/Monty/Quintana in whatever order you want, then Thompson, Flaherty, Matz, Gallegos, Helsley are guaranteed with Romero and Naughton if you so please

  14. you just say you want a lefty, and whoever wins the rock-paper-scissors playoff in the bullpen gets up and starts throwing.

  15. Soto looks absolutely lost at the plate right now. I'm sure he'll eventually figure it out, but that is a profound difference from what you usually see with him.

  16. Stadiums need to ban Bad Bunny for what he does to playing surfaces. Look at that outfield. Look at what he did to Soldier Field.

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