Change my mind: This penguin is hands down the most terrifying villain of all time.

  1. Not just that, he aimed for the head and opened fire. Gromit is incredibly lucky that Wallace bought bulletproof lampshade covers.

  2. I remember the last time I watched The Wrong Trousers after not watching it for a while and I nearly spat out my tea when Feathers pulls out a gun. It's just so unexpected and perfect.

  3. To be honest all the Wallace and Gromet villains scare me. Like that one woman, she was horrifying, and the robot dog, probably the main reason I have an inner fear of dogs.

  4. The echoing sound of Wallace and the Wrong Trousers' feet as he goes into the air duct, gradually fading away as he goes deeper into the building, still gives me goosebumps.

  5. Honestly the cardboard box scene when he just stops and stares at Gromit/you is one of the scariest things I’ve ever watched

  6. Still gives me a laugh now, Wallace's genuine shock when he takes the glove off his head, revealing his true self.

  7. Ha, I’m literally obsessed with this movie and this character. So much so, that I just got a tattoo of him last month. He is definitely a great villain, and a terrifying one at that. My tattoo artist even commented that he gave her nightmares as a kid.

  8. This little fuck made me so angry as a kid. He was just the most vile and evil thing i had ever laid my eyes on. I felt so bad for gromit.

  9. In fairness, all he wanted to do was stop a man and his dog from eating his garden and go skiing!

  10. That robot was more just creepy/clueless. Feathers McGraw was free-range, cage-free, farm-raised, purified and distilled evil.

  11. This is is wild, my parents always give me grief for being scared of this as a kid -- I'm so glad to know I'm not alone.

  12. Love the scene where it flies through the air and fits perfectly in the jar. Don’t know why but I found it endlessly funny and then it blinks as well. When we first got a TV, I used to play that scene on repeat and whenever I saw a bottle like that in a friend’s house or at school or even in the shops I would just smile knowingly with the smile that comes with the knowledge of a private joke!

  13. Its just utterly brilliant. Evil personified. Says so much while saying nothing. The rubber glove disguise. And Gromit, you can tell what he's thinking when he never says a thing, just through his expressions. One of the best British exports for sure.

  14. The avian under discussion is a devilish criminal mastermind, who thankfully was detained, but only after a harrowing and thoroughly distressing hunt for the absolute scoundrel.

  15. Basically imagine a sociopath who's prepared to do anything in pursuit of profit. Not only will he stitch you up for his crimes, he'll do so in such a way that puts your very life in danger and takes away your own bodily autonomy, turning you into nothing more than a puppet dancing on his strings.

  16. The sheer adrenaline of Gromit hiding in the cardboard box and thinking McGraw has seen him... then the reveal was the funniest thing I'd ever seen in my life

  17. American here, my best friend as a child was British and we constantly watched this show. Even I will admit that this is one of the most evil villains of all time (ignoring American government officials and all that crap). Those cold dead eyes.

  18. "Of all history's greatest monsters, you are by far the most evil thing I've encountered. Offer your soul to me, dark one."

  19. Doesn’t matter which country/place you’re in, Penguins are always business first and that’s why we should fear them.

  20. I grew up in America and feel so privileged to have known this dastardly devil in my youth. Wallace & Gromit was awesome.

  21. Sometimes that penguin, he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. Y'know the thing about a penguin, he's got... lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes.

  22. The coin op tourisim enforcement robot in A Grand Day Out is clearly worse. But I am also a filthy tea dumper so my opinions don't matter

  23. When he walks past Gromits room, steps back and stares at him. Rubber glove on his head. Man what a scene.

  24. I had terrible nightmares about this penguin. My mom had to draw a little comic book for me which showed him deciding to be a good guy. I wish I had that comic book now.

  25. On hindsight that thing about the glove over his head, & everything else about that film..some fucking really scary shit to watch as a kid. Subtle because it's "a kids film made of of models". Pretty scary themes illustrated as a children's film madness

  26. The fact that despite the image not loading due to my abysmal Internet connection, I know you're talking about Feathers Mcgraw, proves your point.

  27. I remember going to a play of the wrong trousers and when the guy came out dressed as the penguin, almost all the kids including myself cried uncontrollably and started screaming 😂

  28. When he walks in the house, gets to the bottom of the stairs then WHIPS around to stare at Wallace & Gromit. We call our dog Fingers McGraw sometimes cos he's a little psycho.

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