Am I the only one who thinks that Oasis are actually kinda shite?

  1. I think disliking Oasis is a fairly common thing. You don’t get to being one of the biggest bands in the world without literally millions of people hating you. Same with Ed Sheeran, the more people have to hear you, the more people won’t be fans.

  2. I don't know if OP is karma farming, bullshitting or what, but it's hard to believe someone really thinks "Oasis are overrated and the Gallagher brothers are obnoxious" is any kind of novel opinion.

  3. But how can they dogwhistle their really hot take if they know thousands of people also don't like some music and like other music? ;)

  4. I've never loved Oasis, besides the odd song. But over recent years I have come to appreciate Liam's voice and Noel's gift for melody, which I do think are quite special and don't come around too often, however much the music in general doesn't move me.

  5. Liam is a limited vocalist at best, and Noel openly copied most of the riffs and hooks for his biggest hits. Musicians generally don't rate them. Source: I'm a musician of 25+ years.

  6. I mostly like them but I've never been truly able to explain why. Most of their stuff does sound the same, and the rip-offs are pretty blatant (try listening to "Cigaretttes and Alcohol" right after "Bang a Gong" by T-Rex if you don't believe me). But still, there's some Oasis songs I just love listening to: Acquiesce, Whatever, Supersonic, Half the World Away...

  7. They even admit that themselves, or used to before their egos became bigger than the sun. They’re a bunch of lads, raised on the beatles, that liked to get drunk and high and play music like their idols. Not their fault they got massive when better bands were about.

  8. The plagiarism isn't mentioned enough. Some of the rips are blatant and of pretty obvious stuff. Some might say it's inevitable when you play simple chords and stay so close to influences. I don't know, but I've heard bands that do the same but avoid it. Most egregious was The Real People, who he ripped and then made fun of in the press.

  9. I was at high school when Britpop was at its peak asked which I preferred Blur vs Oasis, I'd always say neither! Suede or Pulp, as well as Radiohead (loved them from the second I heard Creep)!

  10. My girlfriend of the time tried to get me to go to a britpop fancy dress party, but I kept declining. She was persistent and eventually I was Suede.

  11. Saw Radiohead supporting James at Gloucester Leisure Centre in Nov. 1992 not long after Creep had been released, was a brilliant gig.

  12. I remember it well, getting swept up in the hype of Oasis. They were halcyon days indeed to be a young adult. After a few years of depressing grunge music, we finally had something a bit more uplifting.

  13. I think if a band lives on long enough they find themselves formulaic. I really struggle to enjoy foo fighters after the third album.

  14. I always felt bad for Andy Bell, being such a talented guitarist but wasting it on bass for a band desperately trying to cling onto 90s success.

  15. Yeah I’d love to know how old OP is. I remember hearing supersonic on the radio for the first time and it was different to anything else they played and it really engaged me. I was 16 at the time and it really got me got me into the whole indie scene.

  16. Same. Still one of my favourite bands but only up until the release of Be Here Now. After that album I lost all interest with their next album. They defined the British scene for a good half decade and it was a great time! Still have a bit of LG in my youthful spirit!

  17. I hated them for the longest time because the Gallagher brothers seemed like such contemptuous people (I'm not from the UK), but I saw Noel Gallagher live in Arkansas, USA of all places, and he made a cheeky comment about how he'd see us again next time, "but let's face it, who's gonna visit this place again".

  18. Saw him at a festival in a small town in Australia and he said 'this is my first time here in Byron Bay... wherever the fuck that is.'

  19. Yankee here, Oasis is my favorite band, but I get why people don’t like them. Liams vocal timbre doesn’t sit well with some people, and that’s fine

  20. They had some decent songs but then seemed to keep on churning out the same stuff over and over again. They became the Britpop Status Quo

  21. Said bellends have new solo stuff out, but in both cases you'd struggle to tell whether it was new or old - I thought the idea of a solo project was to explore new ideas that don't fit with the band.

  22. Personally I think they were a great band. They definitely had a lot of songs that sounded a bit too similar but there are some classics in there. Listening to say don’t look back in anger, songbird, half the world away, master plan, the importance of being idle, and little by little you do get quite a variety of sounds there, all of which are, in my opinion, great original songs.

  23. I loved em for years when i first found out about them and i started drinking and doing drugs all the time i thought they were rock and roll i just think its a bit whiney and ive past my time of liking them

  24. I felt very old when my friend told me how he was teaching in a school last year and the kids didn't believe Noel and Liam didn't uses to be solo artist.

  25. I’m a Beatles fanboy, and Oasis are comfortably my second favourite band. I genuinely think their music is more diverse than people give them credit for. A lot of their songs have a similar ‘sound’, but they produced quality music aside from that at both ends of the musical spectrum

  26. Not a fan, but this discussion is really bringing the music wankers out, so on that level I'm glad they at least piss you lot off

  27. Especially alive and finding out your music interests... from the Prodigy to Oasis to Steps... there was something for everyone.

  28. I enjoy their first 2 albums. Get why folk don't like them as a band or people as well tho. But tbh with how many artists are being outed as creepy cunts or racist bastards is being arrogant really all that bad?

  29. In the Mancunian indie rock league it goes Joy division/ new order > James > Stone roses > Charlatans > oasis > Happy mondays > Inspiral carpets.

  30. They were insanely influential in the 90s pop scene. You might not like them as people with their arrogance but their music was the some of the best around at the time.

  31. When they were at their height, I would say about 40% of the music listen population were of that view, in particular the Blur and Pulp fans. The consensus was - early-Beatles tribute band . I didn't mind them at all, but they weren't great and certainly not innovative in any way.

  32. Well, great is subjective, but you’d be hard pushed to find many more successful artists of that time.

  33. If you’ve actually listened to a lot of their music you’d know that they sound nothing like the Beatles. They were very vocal about how much they loved the Beatles and they had the matching haircuts to go with them but sound wise they were nothing alike. There’s the odd purposeful nod too the Beatles in their lyrics or music videos and that’s it.

  34. Never understood that Beatles comparison, it made no sense, lazy journalists really. Either that or they actually knew nothing about music, especially in the early days/height of their fame they were way more influenced by glam rock than anything the Beatles had done.

  35. I mean people like different things... that's the beauty of music. What I find strange is the need to post and explain yourself as to why you don't like a band.

  36. Nope, can't stand them.... And nothing makes me want to jump off a cliff more than a bunch of drunk wankers singing along to an oasis song. 🤮

  37. I have a mate who's a huge fan. He saw them at Maine Road and said it was more or less pointless as, no matter how loud the PA went, you couldn't hear the band over the crowd singing. He said that the best shows were earlier in their career, and the best songs were the new or unreleased ones, where the fans hadn't yet learnt the words!

  38. Most decades have a few bands artists that musically define the era most of the music is total dogshite. Been looking through the old totp that keep popping into suggestions on tivo from 70s 80s 90s the vast majority is pure rubbish I think oasis may not have been technically good but the first two albums were full of great songs

  39. At the time it was a mixture of a current rock and roll band that was made for our age group . As a Manchester born lad It was feel good music that made you feel you could achieve whatever you wanted, fearless. And as for the bellends, yes they were/are and they were just what I’d want them to be like, giving the impression they didn’t give a shit what you thought of them, that was the appeal, Anyway, as for now a lot of the music doesn’t stand up and is not what I’d choose to play but hearing rock and roll star always gives me a strong hit or feel good nostalgia

  40. Complete mystery, bang average band led by apes with attitude which was probably the big draw. Can't stand them.

  41. The Gallagher are charismatic, they stand still on stage doing fuck all and the crowd loves it, they just have a huge presence

  42. As someone who used to love Definitely Maybe, I think they are shite. I don't think I ever listenef to that album after the initial excitement. It's really boring music.

  43. Yeah, Oasis are...fine, IDK. Wasn't massively into them at the time, don't go back to them now. But that debut album from the Stone Roses is ace and still worth listening to without skipping a track. Great way to start a Monday morning actually.

  44. I think it's a certain age group that got into them in their 20s. None of my friends like them - we're too old (55-60) and none of our kids even know about them (18-25)

  45. It’s kind of like what Robert California says in The Office: “I am so tired of the Black Eyed Peas. It's rock and roll for people who don't like rock and roll. It's rap for people who don't like rap. It's pop for people who don't like pop.”

  46. Totally overrated, over used the Manchester connection and if they were from London would they have had the same success?

  47. Yep the combination of being average at best but thinking they are the greatest band in the world

  48. Liked them growing up, but like others have said here, I find it really cringe now when people starting singing Oasis songs when pissed.

  49. As a musician forced to play their songs at the odd gig, I kinda get it. The melodies are catchy, and by this point everyone knows the hits so well that as with other ubiquitous songs, it can be enjoyable to sing along.

  50. You can sing ‘em in a pub and that’s exactly it, that’s why they’re so popular. Of course that’s just a thinly veiled way of saying they’re actually pretty shit musicians and aren’t much better than a crowd of 30 pissheads… they act like it too.

  51. I did a radio show with the third Gallagher and while it was funny, he went on about how amazing oasis was and how all music now is shite. Same language and mannerisms as the other two and it just made me sad for him, they just weren’t as good as Blur 😂

  52. No. They always have been as dull as a dull thing to listen to. Kinda a lack lustre dronie generic indi pop sound.

  53. They are the worst Beatles tribute act I've ever heard. Whiney, boring, samey and filled with a sense of their own importance and coolness. Shite.

  54. The only people I've met that like Oasis are fat middle aged men who think shouting Wonderwall is impressive

  55. they’re meh, I don’t hate them or like them, I don’t listen to them on my own but also don’t care if someone else is playing them on the background

  56. Absolutely hate them. Always have. They're trash humans who make rubbish pub rock. I don't understand the attraction at all.

  57. I was still listening to Maiden, Purple and Sabbath when all this was happening, come to think about it, I'm still listening to Maiden, Purple and Sabbath lol

  58. TBF those three are quite different to Oasis... might as well equate Stormzy and Ed Sheeran you know?

  59. My boyfriend has complete adoration for them. We generally share similar music tastes but this is not one I can get on board with. For me it's not so much their songs as their singing voices. I'm aware there's two different people who sing depending on the song but I can't tell the difference and find them horribly nasal sounding. Like that's kinda how I sound if I pinch my nose before singing lol I think I might enjoy some of their songs if someone else was singing them, I dunno...

  60. I think their music is good. Good, not great. You’re right when you say they’re fronted by bellends. That actually brings the quality of their music down a lot for me. If they didn’t act like their bang average music was the best thing to grace our ears since the Beatles, I might actually be more of a fan. The fact that they insist that it’s the best music ever made just makes it sound worse because let’s be honest, it’s really nothing special and it never was.

  61. I think I decent indicator is that outside of the UK no ones heard of them or listens to their music. They’re not bad by any stretch but I agree they’re not worthy of the superstardom they seem to have here.

  62. They were always the most low-brow and least inventive of the three big Britpop bands, which is why they became untouchable gods in lad-rock circles.

  63. No, they are. The music is dreary, depressing pop guff in a loose disguise. I never could stand them and I still can't. My music taste is incredibly eclectic but nowhere in it does Oasis feature.

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