Currently in a British Restaurant in America. This is their menu. How accurate are they?

  1. Fr like if I serve you a nice traditional steak and ale pie but call it “the sherrif’s special steak ‘n’ ale pie with a side of tatty mash” is it suddenly American? Despite the fact they pretty much only have sweet pies and likely wouldn’t have a clue what tatty meant?

  2. Zucchini fucking irritates me as it is. This was their chance to call it by its proper name and they missed it.

  3. I’m not from Yorkshire but the fact there’s not even a single Yorkshire pudding in here says it all. I mean they have a roast ffs

  4. Big red flag on the lack of yorkshires for sure.. I only saw a "pot roast"... An american style "roast" where everything you would have in a normal roast is put into a dutch oven or slow cooker and cooked for hours. Kinda like a casserole but without cutting the meat up first. It's tasty but... not british and not a roast.

  5. I know, the lack of a Sunday roast is surprising given the large menu. I've lived away from UK/Ireland for over 12 years now and going to the pub for a Sunday roast with all the trimmings is something I really miss.

  6. This reminds me of one of those menus off of kitchen nightmares. Why do they have to put Big Ben before everything? And what the heck is a "Wally?"

  7. To be fair here, they've got the basics down and need to appeal to US tastes. Could be far worse IMO.

  8. I think the restaurant is called The Big Ben! I wondered that too then saw it at bottom of menu. I’ve never heard of a Wally!! I would definitely give this place a big swerve!

  9. the only thing better than reading your comment was reading it out loud to myself, because it was very satisfying to say. thanks

  10. To be fair, big ben is the name of their establishment, so prepending it onto the names of food they serve isn't so weird.

  11. As I read ‘entrée’ I had Del Boy’s voice in my head. Maybe they are bringing a bit of Peckham sophistication to the menu?

  12. It sorta makes sense in US English when you realize "chutney" is never called a "pickle" in the USA. Unless additional descriptive words are appended, a "pickle" is assumed to be a brine-cured cucumber or a slice of one.

  13. Some pubs do decent curries, especially if it's something basic like chicken tikka masala. I don't understand why they have two chicken curries though. If you're going to have a second curry, do like a beef or lamb madras (probably beef because I've heard lamb is quite pricey there).

  14. Speak for yourself! I also grew up in Southend and have always got a wally from chip shops, and Southend used to have one of the best chip shops I've ever been to (until it burnt down)

  15. Me: American, 15 year UK resident. This place looks absolutely dreary. My guess is it was started by some business school grads who couldn’t decide whether they should open a car dealership or a ‘themed’ restaurant. Chose the latter and threw a dart at the map.

  16. I'm from Southend and say wally. However I am 50. Might be a generational thing coz wally didn't mean 'idiot' until i was about 20 or so..

  17. It's probably as accurate as a Chinese or Indian menu in an English city, it will be tailored to local taste with a nod towards the original recipe

  18. We have a winner. Personally I don't think it's that bad, confusing the fact that they're, y'know, Americans in America.

  19. Yeah, I don't think they've done too badly, except for that really weird obsession America has with calling British sausages bangers. I have never ever heard anyone call a sausage a banger outside the term bangers and mash. They use it like that too, which is fine, but on a full English, it's just a fucking sausage.

  20. The Fish & Chips looks suspect, the menu author has looked for the nearest point of sea from somewhere in London. Steak cut chips, slaw and whatever a feckin wally is should be nowhere near fish and chips. Do they not do any form of peas, tartare sauce and a slice of lemon in the US? Or at least do some research.

  21. I’m not surprised this is a place in North Carolina. The whole Leo’s Specials section is straight out of a New York Deli. I know very few people over here in England that know what a Reuben is

  22. Calling everything "Big Ben [insert food item]" is like if someone opened a US-themed restaurant in the UK and prefixed everything with "Statue of Liberty".

  23. i thought this was dumb too, till i realised the place is called "big ben" which makes it slightly less dumb... but still dumb

  24. Hotdogs come with sweaty onions and mustard. And nothing else! Okay maybe ketchup, but you're pushing it. And nothing else!!

  25. Had to scroll way too long for this comment! I thought the entree with it coming on a bed of lettuce was ridiculous enough but then they went and made it into a salad 🤣🤣

  26. Every scotch egg I've had in a restaurant was served with salad, or on salad. Like, if I'm buying a scotch egg from the supermarket, sure, I'm not going to bother with salad there - I'm barely going to bother with a plate. But in a restaurant, a plain scotch egg on its own is going to look a bit weird without at least some sort of extras.

  27. As a Welshman, that offends me greatly. Thick slab of white bread, with a cheese sauce made of cheddar, a glug of Welsh bitter, and a few drops of Worcestershire sauce (pronounced Wooster) Or you just put cheddar on bread and put it in the oven if you aren’t a pretentious Knob Goblin

  28. I know, it sounds like the 'croque monsieur' I was served in Southampton Airport that was basically a cheese and ham toastie with a slice of cheese on top. And it certainly wasn't Gruyère.

  29. My favourite is the "old English sliders" which are "2 English muffin burgers". Now idk if I'm the weird one here but when I think muffin i think of the things you get in the paper wrapping, so I imagine one of those cut in half with a burger in the middle, and I can't think that would be particularly appetising lol

  30. Probably brown sauce and not ketchup if I had to guess. Bacon will be streaky regardless, it’s pretty much impossible to find back bacon there.

  31. We’re always eating sirloin for breakfast, it’s a great British tradition. That and apparently eating all our burgers in brioche buns. One day I’m going to find the person who introduced that idea and force feed them brioche buns until they dry out

  32. Looking at Entrees - Fish & chips is NOT a starter. I grew up in Southend. It should be cod, not haddock and it should come with mushy peas....

  33. Took me some searching to figure out what they meant by "steak cut fries, slaw & a wally". The slaw bit should at least be 'slaw, if they can't be arsed to write out the full thing. Apparently a wally is a gherkin, and steak cut fries are CHIPS. If you're gonna call your restaurant British, you call them CHIPS.

  34. I've never known the likes of Bangers n Mash to be listed as an 'entrée', but altogether a solid list. Would probably look a bit unnatural in the UK, especially the whole 'Big Ben' shtick seems like something an American might think British cafés serve. But overall I give a B for effort, and a C- for "authenticity". The real test is their Full English breakfast, of course. Everything else is just a distraction from the Full English.

  35. Entrée would be a main course in America. Because they can't just fuck up British food, they have to fuck up French too.

  36. It's not miles and miles away from a very standard pub grub offering, like at a weatherspoons or somewhere like that. I know a few people are questioning the chicken Tikka, but a curry is really common on pub menus! The language made my teeth itch though.

  37. I'd say a lot of it is fairly similar to what you'd see in a British pub, but not necessarily British food, plus they're obviously also trying to cater to people who don't want British food and have been dragged there by their Anglophile partner.

  38. Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I certainly eat a Raspberry Shrimp Salad religiously every day!

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