What do I do with this now?

  1. Garibaldi biscuits? Is that the proper name for fly biscuits then? I didn’t even know they had a proper name, to be fair

  2. That is good: (1) catch as much meat flies as possible, (2) ask 'why' while looking at that mass sad grave.

  3. Never understood the idea of having these outside. That amount of flies are never getting inside, if anything, it must be attracting flies. Yeah it catches a load, but surely it’s luring the survivors closer to the house?

  4. I went out for 3 hours this week and came back to an exploded egg in the house due to the heat. The house, aside from smelling god awful, was swarming with flies. No idea where they came from, let alone that many, all the windows were shut.

  5. How to destroy ecosystem 101. Humanity is really on a race to the bottom. Nobody needs these outside, the only thing it does is kill food that other animals would hunt.

  6. I bought a couple of these a few days ago as my decking is full of flies. They aren’t a ms full as this one but the flies have gone, I couldn’t walk round the back side of my hot tub without being swarmed. Now nothing, if you leave them too long they start to stink attract more flies according to my wife

  7. I fill it all up with water, so they drown, dig a hole and empty it (if you have the one with the screw off lid) and refill with water and a refill sachet!

  8. This is actually what the instructions said, I think. It came in a twin pack where you had to rip them to pieces to open the pack.

  9. No reptile keeper is feeding their pet wild caught insects. They've likely got parasites, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. The green bottles are usually found on faeces and rotten food. They may also have been exposed to pesticides.

  10. It’s to risky trying to feed wild insects to gecko or any lizard as there is a huge chance they are carrying parasites and that will be transmitted to the gecko if they eat one which already has it. That’s why insects are specifically bred for geckos to eat to greatly lower the chance of them contracting parasites.

  11. Yeah, mine looked like that too, you got to screw off the tip, poour the contents I to a bag, and put in j the black bin... I will warn you, it has quite the pong.

  12. Insect populations are massively declining, flies aren’t very nice in the house but they still have an important role to play in the environment. You could maybe not put the traps outside where so many are killed that probably wouldn’t have entered the house?

  13. Pick someone you have a grudge with and pour through their letter box. Instant biblical plague without murdering any first born.

  14. Get a barrel, some kindling, logs etc. Drop logs and kindling into barrel along with some lighter fluid and a lit match. And you’re all set with your own bluebottle disposal unit

  15. We've had these things, but effective as they are, they're disgusting. They seem to attract more flies to the area, rather than repel them!

  16. Give it to Indians they can make a fly cake out of it by squashing them into a patty and cooking it. Saw it on a documentary once years ago.

  17. We like to drink with greyfoxninjafan, Cos grey fox is our mate, And when we drink with greyfoxninjafan, He downs his flies in 8, 7, 6….

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