Catculated Fly Killer

  1. the cat I grew up with (maine coon) would catch and then promptly eat them. it was gross and hilarious. she loooved flies. she was really good at catching them. would do flying leaps for some and still nab them. She was such a good kitty.

  2. My cats would do that with bees on our balcony and then look shocked as the bee fluttered away. It's was the cutest thing but stopped them because someone was bound to get stung eventually.

  3. I once convinced my brother to eat a fly by calling it a raisin. He's older than me by 6 years, no idea why he did it tbh.

  4. For such an Enterprising Young Man, I'd expect some Giacchino music. A true Prodigy at sending those flies Into Darkness deserves a grander track. Like "Does It Still McFly?"

  5. I have a cat named Clueless George. He’s an orange/ white boy whose name says it all. Then I have Fearless Frank, a crafty, cunning black and white tuxedo. George will spend many minutes chasing a fly around the house. He leaps, bounds, runs, and swipes. No luck. Frank sits there eyeing it, and then … BAM … just makes one leap, catches it, and gobbles it up. George always looks so disappointed. I tell him that he tired it out and that’s why Frank could catch it so easily. I don’t tell him the truth.

  6. Given the ST: Discovery theme will the cat now spend too much time on its feelings rather than advancing the plot?

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