Foods you miss

  1. Donuts, flakey, soft bread that's NOT more fragile than my mental health (and bigger than my hand), eating out for the convenience and not having to worry, GARLIC BREAD, chicken noodle soup I don't have to make myself (see egg noodles), tortellini, kit kats/any candy with crispy rice

  2. Just fyi, I found gf baguettes and made garlic bread with them. It absolutely slapped. Found the bread at Sprouts in the US.

  3. May I suggest pho as a chicken noodle soup alternative? You can often find a gf ramen style bowl at the grocery and then I add a can of pre-cooked chicken to it. I actually like it more than I ever liked Campbell’s chicken noodle.

  4. Just being able to go to the bakery aisle in wegmans and buying a slice of cake because I deserve it. Not having to look at ingredients, checking online, or specialty ordering something. I miss those random cake days :(

  5. Chinese food... All of the sauces and wheat noodles and wontons and egg rolls and fortune cookies... Sigh. There are great gluten free recipes out there, do not get me wrong, but it is not the same as going to an authentic restaurant and having real Chinese food.

  6. I would do horrific, unspeakable things to be able to have crab rangoon and pot stickers again. I've tried so hard to recreate so many things, but it's so much effort and some days I just want to pick up the phone and have good Chinese food show up at my door.

  7. A few years ago Glutino had some gluten free pop tarts and they were so, so good! I'm still so mad that they discontinued them.

  8. Good bread. I got a banh mi sandwich on my ride home from the endoscopy. I feel like most cookies, cakes, pasta can have passible substitutes, but bread and beer are not as great. I def packed in all my favorites leading up to the procedure.

  9. Chinese food from a restaurant, sushi, deep dish pizza, TACO BELL, real bread, fried chicken from my favorite place, but most of all being able to spontaneously eat wherever I want, and trying new restaurants without a second thought.

  10. Costco cheese pizza. A flaky croissant. Asian bakeries, the fluffiest of fluffy sweet bread. A perfect shortbread crust on a tart.

  11. Soft, normal sized bread and bagels. Also though, I REALLY miss the convenience of being able to eat at restaurants. Even just grabbing fast food on a road trip was so nice. I also miss how inexpensive it is to eat gluten sobs

  12. Twix, real greasy pizza, Cinnabon, bagels (but specifically Panera bread cinnamon crunch bagels), cookie dough ice cream, and pringles

  13. Soft pretzels, Chick-fil-A sandwiches, Raising Canes toast, Olive Garden breadsticks, cinnamon roles, croissants, New York style pizza, mozzarella sticks

  14. Calamari, Jamaican beef patties, South Asian mutton rolls, Church’s fried chicken, Italian pasta at restaurants, fish and chips, La Rocca cakes, breaded wings, Hakka Chinese food, Naan with Indian food.

  15. Other people have already mentioned this, but the experience of going out to eat is what I miss. Not that I don't go out to eat, I do all the time, but there are many restaurants I've never got to try, and many I've never been able to go to again. Just try as many restaurants as you can afford while you still can :P

  16. Pumpkin pie, actually all pies. Cake, regular pizza, fried foods, normal bread, croissants, McDonald’s, Thai food, eating whatever I want on the restaurant meal and not having to tell every waiter/waitress I have celiac. I hate feeling excluded from things because I can’t eat normal. I hate having to check the ingredients all the time on everything. I hate feeling like a burden because to my family because they have to go to restaurants with gluten free options only. I hate the special attention it gives me. I want to fade in the background and I can’t. I hate people not understanding that it is a big deal and they don’t try to understand and serve you food with gluten in it. I hate getting sick after people are careless due to not trying to understand and I am curled on the bathroom floor in agony for hours. I hate feeling like it’s all so unfair and envying people who are “normal.” I want my old life back and wish I was never cursed with this terrible disease.

  17. Tiramisu, Croissants, Beignet, Petit Fours, Apple Turnover, Spanakopita, Baklava, Eclair, Cream Horn, Apple Fritter, Bear Claw, Buttermilk Bar, Baguette, Garlic Bread, Clam Chowder Sourdough Bowl, Challah, Hawaiian Bread, Focaccia, Pumpernickel, Marbled Rye Bread, Manicotti, Blintz, Crepe, Funnel Cake, Dounut Holes, Stroopwafel, Cream Cheese Danish, Cinnamon Roll, Banana Nut Muffin, Blueberry Muffin, Strawberry Boston Cream Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Black Forest Cake, Palmiers, Chex Mix, Munchies Cheese Mix, Rosemary Triscuits, Garlic Chicken, Orange Chicken, General Tso's Chicken, Fried Wontons, Steamed Bao, Bird's Nest Noodle Stir Fry, Chow Mein, Udon, Soup Dumplings, Fried Gizzards, Onion Rings, Chinese Soup Dumplings, Chinese Sugar Dounut, Churros, Breadsticks, Uncrustables, Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookies, Ice Cream Sandwich, Cake Pop, French Dip Sandwich, Reuben Sandwich, Pastrami On Rye Sandwich, Turkey BLT Sandwich, Chile Relleno, Taquitos, Empanada, Torta, Pirozhki, Gyros, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Vegetable Tempura, Baked Brie, Pierogi, Beer Battered Fish, Beer Infused Bratwurst, Naan, Tortilla Pinwheels, Pita Bread, Calzone, Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip Bread Bowl, Fried Mozzarella Sticks, Fried Calamari, Bagels, Salted Soft Pretzels, Bruschetta, Ciabatta Sandwich, Panini, Biscuits With Gravy, Chicken And Waffles, French Bread, Red Velvet Cake, Apple Pie, Peach Cobbler, Quiche, Sopapilla Cheesecake, Tres Leches Cake, Graham Crackers, Chocolate Ganache Cake, Coconut Cream Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Yule Log Cake, Malasada, Boston Cream Donut, Maple Bar Dounut, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Fried Clams, Shrimp Tempura, Crab Cakes, Tonkatsu, Japanese Curry, Chicken Alfredo...

  18. Italian food from a restaurant. While there are gluten free alternatives, real, handmade pasta is gone forever. I have resigned myself to cauliflower pizza and sandpaper burger buns, but I miss hand tied tortellini with a rich cream sauce. Or eggplant parmesian.

  19. Pastry. Proper flaky pastry. Gf pastry is a bit shit really. And soft white doughy bread. Egg noodles - I'm so over rice noodles. But pastry is the main thing.

  20. Pizza not on a cauliflower crust, sour dough bread, bagels & hamburgers on bread loaded with gluten. So mostly real bread. For gluten free options I highly recommend Canyon Bakehouse & the Walrus Bread recipe on Bob's Red Mill site. Canyon Bakehouse bread is great for sandwiches and doesn't need to be toasted to taste good like so many of the others. I have perfected the Walrus Bread recipe. My process is slightly different from what Bob's Red Mill suggests.

  21. For the love of God, boston cream donuts. Every. Single. Day. It’s not like I ate them all the time before, but you don’t know how good you have it until you miss it. Also, you stop craving that type of stuff (at least for me) after a while. So if you start following the gf diet and crave some gluten foods, stay strong (your body needs you to!) but know that the craving will pass to. Good luck this week!!

  22. Soft pretzels, cheesesteaks, crab Rangoon and steamed pork dumplings from a random hole in the wall Chinese place, also get your fill of fast food now

  23. Nearly any food you eat now can be made gluten free! Once my taste buds adjusted to gluten free foods, and I found replacement recipes, there isn't much I miss. I'm lucky to have several 100% gluten free restaurants in the next city over

  24. Philo pastry. I’m talking croissants, baklava, those little sausage rolls that are super gross.

  25. I miss real donuts. Donuts that aren’t cake texture and pizza with actual crust. GF is all a millimeter thin and super crisp or crumbly like a dried out cookie. Also some advice once you go GF avoid Amy’s Kitchen. Many of us have horror stories from their products.

  26. Anything you might grab spontaneously really! I miss the ease of takeaway and junk food. And bread. I genuinely don’t mind GF bread in general but I also haven’t tried to make a sandwich yet…

  27. Easy fast food, I have to prepare food constantly. Nice fancy bakery sourdough with butter. Ramen Croissants 🥐! Milo (if in aus) Tim tams (if in aus)

  28. Candy like kitkats, garlic bread, croissants, pasta, fresh donuts. And just plain buttered bread. This is all coming from someone who didn’t even like bread before my diagnosis. Also get your fill on fast food. Pretty much out the window with celiac

  29. There’s a Sudanese type of donut (it’s basically just fried dough) that you eat with date pudding and it’s aaammmmaaazzzzzinggggggggg

  30. I don’t miss a specific food. I just miss eating what friends offer me without having to ask questions / worry about contamination. Just ordering whatever on a restaurant menu

  31. The main thing that’s irreplaceable is proper good bread. We don’t miss anything else and have found substitutes that work well mostly, but a lovely stretchy bread roll is irreplaceable.

  32. I was just in the same situation that you are. DON'T GO TOO HARD!! I ate a plate full of pancakes the day before my endoscopy and felt like shit for 3 weeks. Eat some gluten but don't over do it or you will be miserable.

  33. Burritos. Beer. A quarter pounder with cheese. Fresh, hot baguettes. Dutch crunch bread. And pizza. Whoever thinks GF pizza is good has never had good pizza.

  34. Pastries. Anything flaky is hard to make GF. And really good bread. Most other things you can find decent versions of/substitutes for.

  35. Garlic knots, GOOD pizza, eclairs, GOOD bagels and good black & white cookies. Hubby found me the cookies for Christmas last year, they just weren’t the same.

  36. I miss going out to eat more than anything. Take your spouse/partner/best friend/kids (whoever!) and go treat yourself to the best night out you can imagine.

  37. The night before my endoscopy I had a deep-dish pizza, thinking it would be one of the last things to get a gluten free version. Nine years later and I’m still right :( I never thought I’d miss it so much!!

  38. Baguettes. Beautiful, warm, crusty and soft baguettes. The worst is smelling them knowing I can't eat it ever again :'(

  39. Going out to eat without fear and hours of research. Celiac is more socially isolating than anything for me. Chinese food, crab meat rangoons, cinnamon rolls, Texas roadhouse.. So many things. I just miss having options without worrying about cc or getting glutened

  40. Personally I would just walk into a bakery and order one of everything! I miss being able to get cupcakes on a whim.

  41. Fast food burgers (I went vegan a few years ago too but I had Impossible Whoppers and omg I miss those). Doughnuts. Fluffy pizza. Big loaves of French bread. Just fluffy delicious bread in general for big ass sandwiches.

  42. Restaurants in general. Sushi, big beefy burgers that aren't from health-food restaurants, fluffy pizzas, etc. If you have the cash just eat at a restaurant once a day or something. Eat gluten for sure but don't overdo it.

  43. Anything made with a dough that can actually get fluffy or flaky. Croissants, doughnuts (we can get the cake ones no problem, go for the yeasty ones) get some fancy ramen and tempura.

  44. I'll be in the minority here. Just eat the minimum amount of gluten, like a slice of bread. I know...not exciting...but gluten is poison to your body and to gorge on it is not recommended. Good luck with the endoscopy.

  45. Well what we eat wouldn't be a normal diet for you, not to sound like a bore but if you've come back positive you do not need to excess eat gluten products more than you already do.

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