I do not like how Samus has come to be seen as a whole different, weaker character outside the armor largely thanks to Smash

  1. Technically speaking the first Metroid is the first game that lets you play as Samus in her Zero Suit, but that’s because of a cheat code and she’s more of a palette swap.

  2. Yeah that's the biggest hole in the rant. ZSS has historically been extremely good in the franchise. While armored Samus has been often middle of the pack. If Smash is somehow making her look weak its certainly not seen in the competitive scene.

  3. "Why isn't a character stripped of their weapons and armor exactly as strong as they are with their weapons and armor???"

  4. I don’t think it’s that weird for a game to depict physics-defying space armor made by aliens as something that makes you stronger. She never punches people to death in Metroid. It’s always with her missiles and beam weapon and parts of her armor. Why wouldn’t she be weaker? Why would the space pirates be a problem if regular, armorless people can go kick their ass? I think she is very strong outside of her armor, but the horrible monster aliens are just stronger.

  5. Tbf I don’t think OPs is saying the armour doesn’t make her stronger (cause yeah, it definitely does) but is saying that without the armour, she isn’t a “regular, armour less person”, she’s a genetically enhanced super soldier but is never depicted as such

  6. Zero suit samus is inhumanly agile and acrobatic, but...that's kind of about it? She's a warrior, sure, but the suit isn't just another layer of her, it's like the pinnacle of military development of an incredibly intelligent alien race.

  7. Sometimes I wonder if people in this sub actually read the rant before upvoting or if they just upvote clickbait titles.

  8. Just like downvotes are not a "disagree" button, an upvote doesn't always mean "agree." Sometimes it just means "oh boy, this is gonna be good and I want to see what people say in response to it."

  9. I mean Sakamoto also doesn't consider the Prime games canon, so he's naturally predisposed to decisions that make the Western audience mad lol.

  10. Don't see how you're blaming this on Smash. What about her gameplay or appearance in Smash makes her seem weak to you?

  11. Also I don't get why ZSS would fight the same way she would in the suit. She is as OP said a warrior, and a warrior would adapt their fight style to the armour and weapons equipped no?

  12. She is an amazonian woman who is super strong outside of the suit yeah. But ZSS is still weak when compared to suited Samus because the suit is very strong. ZSS is just strong compared to the normal people around her, not compared to when she dons her powered armour that is extremely strong and amps up her strength quite a bit.

  13. It sounds to me like the Metroid games themselves made her weak without her armor so.. what’s the issue? You seem to be arguing from headcanon where the source material doesn’t agree.

  14. Samus being a conventionally attractive female since the first game... don't blame Sakurai and Smash for something that's been going on since the characters inception

  15. She was definitely an attractive character before, but Smash 4 and Other M definitely invested heavily into making her more of a "bodysuit bombshell" sort of deal.

  16. Honestly I have a problem on how she's built. In cannon she roughly 6'3 and 198 out of suit. Since she trained to be warrior since she was young a bit of that is muscle. Going by her stats the closest person irl to Samus height and weight is guineas record holder and bodybuilder Maria wattel who is 6'1 and 199 pounds. Edit:so realistically Samus wouldn't be super model or even 'toned' she'll be jacked. Not bodybuilder category level but at most bodybuilding female physique categorie. Note: there are different categories for bodybuilding and physique is below bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is the categorie with the most mass.

  17. Authors in general don't have a good estimation on how body weight works. Besides, you could argue she's denser than the average human.

  18. Between alien DNA, the zero suit hiding most muscle definition (it is a suit, she isn't naked) I don't think her looks is too outlandish. Like yeah she is prettied up, but I don't think she is that far off.

  19. Yah it's definitely weird. I guess it can be hand waved as alien DNA making her muscles extra dense or whatever (I suck at biology) but one would assume that Samus would be on the jacked side of things.

  20. Thank you, I can understanding where you are coming from. I’ll at least disagree with Zero Mission as it was a very cool change of pace to have Samus be forced to take a stealthy approach as the Space Pirates had the advantage,

  21. OP there are other comments talking about Zero Suit Samus' actual power and you respond to none of them while complaining in your edit.

  22. Zero Mission came out, like, four years before Super Smash Bros. Brawl did and that’s what really established what Samus can and can’t do in her Zero Suit.

  23. Although an amusing fact I came across while browsing her Wikipedia article hoping for more up-to-date sources on stuff:

  24. Having read the edit, you’re just stupid. The point about which game came out first isn’t a gotcha, it’s that Smash is basing ZSS on source material. If you got a problem with the way Smash portrayed her then blame the game they got it from.

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