JustBlow seem to be in good spirit..

  1. Definitely. Especially when those cell doors close and you only have a wall to stare at and you realise that’s going to be the view for the majority of your life. Not too mention when you start to realise what you did wasn’t worth it.

  2. Because somebody isn’t sad and depressed 24/7 doesn’t mean they’re in good spirits😂😂 he went from joining and being with otf, to pleading guilty to a murder charge. I don’t think him not crying in this photo means he’s in good spirits😂

  3. Don't be fooled. Bro is happy to see someone he knows from the streets but bro could get into a fight with an opp on his way back to his cell. Prison is dangerous

  4. Have you ever had a really shitty day but when you saw that someone you lit up? Basically prison until visitation.

  5. Because of the food and commissary. If you go to seg, usually all workout gear is gone as well which is usually limited in basic jails.

  6. What city did this happen in? Justin Blowe is the name. Can run a jail search, see what county he is in and then run his name on that court website. Won't get transcripts but will eventually see sentencing. Or just run his name in a Indiana DOC search in a month if he gets sentenced

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