Wtf happened to bricksquad 069 ?

  1. They still around and got a lot of shordies and still active but dickeaters try to push and agenda every year that they’re extinct or Lamron and Faceworld magically wiped them out and it’s not true they still deep and active you just don’t see them on ig enough like others

  2. Ion see or hear about dem niggas at all wtf happened ? While tookaville, cmb and othe Gds going at it with otf they real quiet ?

  3. It’s probably some shorties over there who made Their own set the original members older and out the way

  4. Facts same sums up STL and 600 accept they don’t got shorties but u can still catch members in those neighborhoods just not as relevant as maybe 10 years ago

  5. I heard it was started by a guy from lamron an there’s a set that doesn’t like wuga world name 069 faceworld…I heard they shot jayloud in his jojoWorld sweater… wouldn’t be a hard jump for them getting the drop on jojo with him providing the heads up “069 I’m outhere”

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