Funniest impersonation of this nigga truthtellertv

  1. "not trying to be police or anything" and him calling at least 50% of the people "legends in drill culture" when that's literally the first time we've ever heard of some of the people

  2. Truth Teller a good dude that shows respect I never understood why these dudes stay coming for him, hood talking about don’t bring up my name but hood is literally telling us who killed who

  3. Yah I feel like niggas wanna blame and pin shit on niggas who are just giving other niggas a platform to speak on shit

  4. Aint he doing the same thing with King Von ?? speaking about Von 24/7 talmbout ''Hey lil bro look straight I just murked KI'' lol

  5. He being real here its always so weird to see truth teller budge dudes to divulge the sets their beefing and all that shits corny

  6. Jhood needs to chill. That's good publicity for him to be mentioned in every interview like that. Free advertising.

  7. Truth tellers interviews are complete ass. The man posts 3 min clips on YouTube and 2 mins of it is him talking about how he’s not trying to be messy and the fans want to know.

  8. I remember a Youtube comment in one of his police ass interviews saying if Truth Teller go out they gonna have to honor him with #TellerGang

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