Confused why so many people here avoid statins.

  1. Statins can cause an array of side effects in people but it’s important to know that depending on your risk factors (history of stroke, MI, diabetes, familial hyper cholesterolemia) they can really reduce morbidity and mortality.

  2. Glad to hear this. I was put on one recently after my first doc appointment in nearly a decade because of my high levels. She didn't even bother with the "exercise and diet for 6 months and let's see" approach. I was skeptical but I listened. I have not had a single side effect yet so hopefully it stays that way.

  3. Been on statins fir well over a decade. No issues whatsoever. I’m diabetic but very well controlled. Got myself off of insulin a few months ago. I eat well and exercise regularly; I’m a rock climber. 57M. I have never had issues with any statins. Research may be research and individual people’s stories are what they are. But everyone is different. Work with your doctor. Or doctors in my case (primary care and now a cardiologist as a second look).

  4. My partner was the same in terms of avoiding meds but his cholesterol is genetic. He had a close call with his LAD and needed two stents (at 40). So he is on statins for life. I think it just depends on the cause of the high cholesterol as some cannot control it with diet and exercise alone.

  5. Statins are one of the most prescribed drugs of all time. Just by there sheer volume there will be people who do have adverse effects. But that is way small in comparison to how many people they’ve saved.

  6. Wow. OK, I just looked that up. My doctor did NOT mention that at all. All he said was some people get aches from it. Well, I think I need to have a talk with him. I'm pretty sure my blood sugar is fine and I'm a healthy weight (165, 6' tall, 47yrs) but I'm not sure how that all works. Thanks for the tip.

  7. I have genetically high cholesterol, literally impossible to get below 250 with diet and exercise alone. HDL and triglycerides are atrocious as well. Over time, my atorvastatin was ratcheted up to the max horse pill. All the while having increasing levels of leg fatigue, and overall blah-ness. Lots of muscle atrophy, and I started getting man tits.

  8. I was on 80mg of Lipitor and my existence was a questionable quality of life issue. Living was slowly losing out. When I changed my WOE, I was able to lower it to 10mg and was glad to sleep the night and not have horrible cramps as well as day long lethargy.

  9. They make me irrationally angry. Like Hulk smash whenever I take them. This of course interferes greatly with my family and work. I literally cannot function normally because of the rage.

  10. Nancy Brown is CEO of the American Heart Association. She has a B.A. in Communications from Central Michigan University, and you know what a rigorous course of study that must be. And oh so very relevant.

  11. Wouldn't it always be better to lower cholesterol naturally as opposed to using a drug with potential side effects?

  12. Most people (I know) do anything to avoid taking any medication. If I have a headache, I’ll try water first in case I’m dehydrated, have a little rest if possible in case it’s a stress headache, and if all of that doesn’t work, then I might take acetaminophen/paracetamol if it’s bad enough.

  13. I don’t even have a response to that. Very few , if any doctors are saying that. Also- they block the rate limiting step in cholesterol synthesis- so how does it not address the root cause ? They work great in those that can tolerate them. IMO we need to be more aggressive in addressing cholesterol- especially in people with increased Apo B and non HDL cholesterol , because atherosclerotic disease processes are very long forming disorders. It’s not about lowering your cholesterol for a short period of time- it’s about having chronic low levels - which is the goal

  14. I was on statins for about 5 years, my liver enzymes were getting worse as well as my glucose. Not what I want longterm. Also I didn't realize till stopping statins they were the cause of my dizziness.

  15. The side effects didn't show up in my case until after six months of taking it daily. If you don't side effects, good for you!

  16. Some people don’t tolerate statins well. Muscle pain is a side effect. That being said - I cannot fathom why people are against them. One of the most beneficial medicines that’s been introduced.

  17. My main scare is reading how it can starve your brain and bring about cognitive decline for some.

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