I think there might be something evil inside me

  1. We're all born into sins of every kind. Being Christian is learning to recognise where our sinful dispositions are and putting them off over time, which is repentance. Feeling bad about it is a good sign. If you make the effort a little here a little there, the evil will dimnish over time. The Lord will guide you in this: in fact he leads us in this process in an inner away, through our good thoughts, feelings and perceptions of what is just and good. He already is.

  2. Start learning more about Jesus teachings, Christianity, And everything in general and talk to LORD God and it will get better, I realized recently I've had that same problem with dark thoughts and I had been thinking like that my whole life but didn't see the problem till recently

  3. It’s true, the more we fill up on scripture and the Spirit of Christ the more the darkness loses its room to operate. It’s all by faith and abiding in Christ to maturity, sanctification.

  4. Don’t worry buddy. Your god once flooded the entire Earth and killed damn near everyone on it, then allowed incest babies to repopulate the land. A little dark humor is right up Christian gods alley. Don’t sweat it

  5. Oh look! Another atheist taking the Bible out of its context lol. God flooded the earth because it was ruined by evil and everyone did what was right in their own eyes. Everything had turned evil & corrupt so he destroyed everything with a flood but he gave the people a chance to repent for 120 years but they just mocked Noah and laughed at him and refused to repent so God Judged them and wiped them out with a flood and started a new generation through Noah.

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