I just found out my little sister who it 16 is gay.

  1. This is exactly what I was about to write! This is the best way to tell/introduce people close to you that isn't familiar with Christ.

  2. The best you can do is not hate her, and pray for her. Literally do what Jesus did. You can’t control people. I have a son and daughter who don’t believe and as much as I’d love to MAKE them believe I cannot. It’s not my walk, it’s theirs

  3. I have experienced this with both my daughters. They were raised in the church with Christian parents. I know that God loves my children even more than I do. They know what I believe as a Christian and I pray for them always. They are my life since their father passed away. They know that I love them as I love nothing else on earth. I am always there for them. I believe this is what God wants me to do.

  4. IMO, you should worry less about her being gay and worry more about the fact that she will go her whole life without the love and grace of Christ unless you bring her the good news. Having Jesus in my life means having wisdom, having someplace to start seeking solutions when life starts to get ugly, it means having no more anxiety or insomnia. Having Jesus means having peace.

  5. I have a similar issue with one of my daughter's best friends that is like a daughter to me. She did grow up in a Christian homeschooling family. I just do my best to live my life like Christ, being an example. Just as I won't shove religion on her, I also don't hide my faith for the sake of someone else. There's a beautiful song, I can't remember who sings it, but you can find it on YouTube, it's called "Love Them Like Jesus". And pray. I'll be lifting both of you in prayer while you are trying to find a way to navigate the best way you can show her God's love.

  6. Did she come out to you? If so, keep her secret. And remember that if she did, then she chose to let you know because she has a measure of trust for you. In that case, don't blow it.

  7. Depend on what country you live in. China and North Korea will send you to an re-education camp. For now, there is freedom of religion

  8. Medical marijuana is 100% not a sin, it can change people's lives for the better. Recreational on the other hand is debatable. In any case, I definitely don't think it's as bad as alcohol.

  9. There is pretty clear instruction not to get drunk in the Bible, and I think that applies to all forms of intoxication.

  10. God’s love leads to repentance. We are called to show the same love to others that God has shown to us. As long as we follow God and obey His word we will begin to see His plan work in our lives.

  11. I get what you are saying but I personally don’t think it’s a fare comparison because let’s say I sit her down and tell her what she is doing is wrong and could lead her to hell. She might start to relent Christianity and have a poor view of Christ. And I know that u r saying that hell is the oncoming vehicle. But we can’t push people out of the way, they have to choose to move. If it was that simple a lot more people would be getting saved.

  12. I would share the gospel with her like I would any other unsaved sibling, and then just pray for her. It shouldn’t really come up that she’s gay if she’s never even had a gospel presentation. If she were a believer it would be a different matter.

  13. You are 100% correct, I don’t know why I thought of it the way I did. I wasn’t thinking about it the way I should have. Thank you so much

  14. Love her, treat her with respect and love like anybody else. Life is an interesting thing.. we all have big headed egos and we believe we know best until we catastrophically fail and have to reckon with our decisions and change. What I'm saying is that we know that this lifestyle isn't conducive to a joyful life, and ultimately hopefully she will seek the joy that you exude as a Christian. This is our best tool; living as a joyful and loving example of Christ. People see our joy and optimism and love and want it in their lives, and then they seek Christ. Nobody seeks Christ out of fear and condemnation by others. You must make your position known if she asks you, but certainly don't make her feel disowned at all or anything and hopefully she will learn on her own as she goes through life. Much love and prayers my friend.

  15. I'm in the same situation but on the opposing side. But my brother initially told me he hoped I can find the right path and that God would love me again. It honestly really messed me up and it was hard to trust him and his views again. I believe nothing regarding my sexuality is wrong, the weed thing not so much, but as long as I love and trust in God he does the same, he loves all his children. I have started repenting of my sins and I want to grow closer to god as I have been in a rough spot lately, but every time my brother talks to me about faith we end up arguing and I can't handle it. He pushes me further from the church every time he thinks he's helping. My best advice is; to let her get to know the different ways of loving christ. You should know that just going to church isn't the only way to learn about him. Slightly discuss the book with her as there are lots of interesting stories, but don't push boundaries. Also, create a clear understanding of who she is and, if you believe it, let her know that God loves her no matter what. Hope this helps <3

  16. Be an ambassador of Jesus, let your actions and words glorify Jesus in all you do. and in all things, say or do them from love

  17. Pray pray pray and treat her with love, a good way to share the gospel is by the way you live your life different to the world. Also, get into the word so it can help you give her advice from a godly perspective. Eventually she will have questions, all young people do and you will be preparing yourself to answer them later on.

  18. Just be kind, be a good listener, treat her with love and respect, and when she asks questions, answer them to the best of your ability, based on your EXPERIENCES.

  19. I would say to continue to love her unconditionally. If she ever asks what you think about it, I would say it is wrong but I still love you. We can still love someone without agreeing with what they do. Society has seemed to waver from that

  20. The not really knowing her is an obstacle that you'll have to climb, carefully. Given the near complete lack of lesbian references in the Bible, you shouldn't let that play on your mind either. It's not really the issue here. Other than that by this time she has almost certainly had negative experiences with Christianity, first-hand or second, I would strongly advise getting help of "progressive" christians with this

  21. Support and love her and make sure everyone around you does the same !! God made her perfectly never forget that, never let her forget that and never let anyone tell her otherwise. This is her life you just get to experience her life WITH her it’s a privilege and should be treated as such. Love her and love who she loves with your whole heart and don’t stop not even for a second. And never throw her sexuality in her face if you get mad, don’t put her unless she wants to be out, be smart you KNOW if it’s safe in your family or not. Don’t stand for mistreatment (conversation therapy etc IT HURTS PEOPLE AND DOESNT CHANGE PEOPLE) and choose to stand up for her when she can’t. Be the best big sibling you can and make sure in the future she can never say “I was by myself”

  22. Just be a good brother. God made her as she is, and loves her unconditionally. This is her path, and it will be one laid with many burdens. Love her as God made her, that's all we can do. Love everyone as God made them

  23. Homosexuality is sinful but it’s hardly a mortal sin. I probably succumb to worse sins; I’ve known every sin a man can know. You can try to show her by example what a life in Christ can give you but as for what you should do? Nothing.

  24. Well if you introduce God into her life you will inevitably be putting yourself at risk for being accused of forcing religion onto her. You can try to find the best approach but inevitably someone will call you the bad guy for trying to help her find God.

  25. The disclaimer was just so people would know that I wouldn’t do that because I’ve brought up similar things to people and that’s what they always say not to do so I was just putting that out there. Thank you for the comment, it means a lot.

  26. I mean being gay and smoking pot doesn't mean you can't be a Christian. Cannabis and other drugs such as mandrake were commonly used during that time in Egypt. It is never mentioned in the Bible though. I don't really think there's an issue biblically. It's medicine, to be quite frank. You can mis use it, but it's not near as toxic as alcohol for example. As far as being in a gay relationship... I was devoutly Christian, going to church n shit, while in a beautiful relationship with a woman of the same sex. We were just teenagers having fun. We never fucked or anything, we just held hands and gave each other gifts. Teach her the gospel if you feel compelled to, of course! Live your truth. But there are many ways to be a Christian and being straight is not necessary, even if you personally interpret the Bible that way. "And everything you do, do in love." Legit just love and support her my man. Peace and joy to you :)

  27. We know three girls , friends of my daughters , who came out as gay in high-school. All kind of quietly moved back towards heterosexual relationships. Sometimes it is just a phase .

  28. Being gay is not wicked, IMO, so don't stress about it. Justification? Google to see how many animals display homosexual tendencies. Hundreds. They are not evil. Help her to know that loving, caring, respecting, valuing others is a great goal in this life. Once you've got that you're half-way to being Christian.

  29. Well, it's not shoving religion down her throat if you tell her your honest view, in a calm manner, at a time when it's appropriate. In fact I'd say it's your responsibility as a Christian to tell her this at least once (after the first time, it's really in her hands, after all, though you should let God lead you in the matter regardless). I'd definitely pray and ask for help in what to say to her, to make the best impact.

  30. Sometimes or even very often teenagers are exploring their identity and maybe being gay something that she’s experimenting with but won’t necessarily develop fully into as her brain develops over the next nine years.

  31. Love has no conditions, if we are to be like Christ and in HIM through the Father, then be unconditional in your love for your sister. She'll go through her process when her time is right, just like every other human being, who has a choice. You must respect their decision as their choice in life is the same as yours even if their practice is different. Speaking, generally.

  32. Gay or not. She is still your sister. Love and treat her as such. Live out Christ in front of her because you are probably the only Bible she has or ever will read. Pray that God opens up doors to share your faith with her in hopes she may too come to faith in Jesus and turn to God.

  33. Why is smoking weed a bad thing? Genuinely curious, I always thought that weed lined up with the teachings of christ.

  34. I was listening to a podcast of a girl who’s mother was practicing Pagan rituals. The daughter would often try to talk to her about Jesus but the conversations just lead to anger and disagreements. The mother would ground her daughter from going to church whenever she would try to preach the word of God to her mother. One day the mother told her daughter that if she wants to show her Jesus, she needs to do it through her actions. That reminded me of something I saw a while back that said “I’ve never heard a testimony where someone said ‘I lost an argument to a Christian and was convinced of The gospel’ “ but I have heard testimonies of people who believed because they see the spirit working in others around them.

  35. Treat her the same way you would even if she wasn't gay. In fact, this gives you the opportunity to live her even more if you understand what love is. Look at this as an opportunity. And just because she is gay doesn't mean she is not hungry for a relationship with God. I'd say, like all of us, she is having an identity crisis. She is a prodigal, which means "in search of one's identity." Jesus said anyone who comes to Him He will not turn away and never cast out. He didn't say "you're saved on Monday, but if you decide you're gay on Tuesday you're outta here!"

  36. Love your siblings like Jesus loved sinners. Christ died even for the one closest to him and betrayed him. I wouldn’t worry about trying to shove religion down their throats until they make the conscious decision to listen to what you have to say. Play the part of the “carpenter” but don’t stop being the spirit filled sibling they desperately need in their life without knowing it.

  37. Being gay is not a choice, yet his condemns it. In my eyes, being gay is either A. Outdated, or B. A devil Satan curses people with. But, unlike other devils, this one is not innately bad, and it can be turned into something good. It's still love, just not as god intended

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