Thoughts on watching the new Doctor Strange movie?

  1. I’m not sure what to think. On one hand it was just a movie based on comic books for kids created for fun and fantastical imagination. On the other there was a LOT of evil, a lot of demonic TYPE stuff going there. While witchcraft is an actual thing. As for who should and shouldn’t is between you and God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. I think it you have dabbled in witchcraft you need to stay away so as to not be tempted again. I think if you are curious about witchcraft you should stay away. I think if you are only going for mcu/continuing story for only entertainment purposes again that’s between you and God/Jesus/Holy Spirit…

  2. I think it’s up to Christian freedom as long as the movie doesn’t cause you to sin. That being said, watch with your spirit sharp and your brain on, possibly thinking/talking it over afterward.

  3. Fair enough. Though I guess a difference may be that there's potentially more blatant occultism and witchcraft, demonic type stuff as opposed to the simple magic in LOTR for example.

  4. I think it depends on your personal convictions. I LOVE Marvel and superhero’s in general and had an idea of what I was in for but wow, even I was shook. That being said I thought it was a good movie and will probably re-watch it. I think it’s definitely important not to dwell on those things though.

  5. It's ok as long as you only see it as fake and just a movie but be careful how much of this kinda stuff you watch because what you entertain your mind with will manifest inside you

  6. I enjoy the virtues within the marvel movies. They're also generally clean of bad language, have no sexual intercourse (as far as I know), vulgarity, blood and gore. I think they are the best of what people have been able to produce in terms of good clean cinematic fun and also very story oriented. I enjoyed the first Dr Strange, I haven't seen this one yet.

  7. This is a really great question, thanks for asking. I went and saw this movie last week with some of my friends and half our group walked out early because of how demonic this movie was and honestly I wish I hadn’t seen it. I am a huge marvel fan and it was honestly so disappointing to see how demonic and evil they truly make this movie… I do believe the Lord asks us to guard our hearts and minds and this movie is a way for the enemy to mess with you. I would not recommend seeing it, especially if you are very sensitive in your spirit to demonic influence.

  8. Whelp I saw it today and I would agree lol. I'm pretty good with not letting those kinds of things causing me t ok stumble though, so it was whatever to me. Prayed before I went and felt fine, but the demonic stuff was way over the top and I was considering walking out midway honestly.

  9. Marvel movies make fun of Christians as well as mock Jesus which is blasphemy and as Christians that should be a red flag.

  10. CBN news says stay away. Get the CBN app. Read the article. Apparently it's full of witchery & making the devil out to be the winner.

  11. I was thinking this, didn’t want the trailer but was a little sad to see such straight up witchcraft normalized and seen as good. To me the worst part was that it came off as possible, like reminding the audience this might be a marvel movie but it’s kind of something you can do too. I know a lot of friends and younger kids in my life that identify with witchcraft or dabble in it and I hate to see a popular movie add more people to its ranks. Little kids wanting to be like scarlet witch.

  12. Witchcraft is just as viable to be shown on tv as anything Christian, it is someone else’s religion, and should be respected either way, either the more modern ish Wicca from the 50’s or groups that practice what they believe is the Traditional Craft, inspired by Margret Murray’s theory of a pan European Witch cult.

  13. I actually just watched it today and I’ve watched all the Marvel movies and shows so I’ll give my thoughts on it. Spoiler warning though.

  14. Probably not a big problem for you. Worse problem for that young person, with no/little knowledge of the lord, that watches this and hears a quiet little "thought": "there might be something to this...".

  15. Just watched it last night. It was pretty bad. I enjoyed the Bruce Campbell scenes but they only lasted about 20 seconds and the rest wasn’t that good. Too much satanic witchcraft and evil things in my opinion. I just had a horrible feeling while watching it. I was going to leave halfway through but decided to see how it ended. I got to see another Bruce Campbell scene after the credits so I was happy about that. It’s definitely not my favorite Marvel movie.

  16. No, but we should definitely stay away because it’s two hours and twenty dollars worth of garbage. Edit: Christians have no fear of witchcraft. We hold greater power in God’s grace.

  17. I believe it's perfectly fine. The new dr strange movie is fictional and as long as you don't start worshipping the dark magic stuff in it, it's really not that bad.

  18. The Bible doesn't teach anything about avoiding fictional depictions of sinful things (or even of demonic things).

  19. The symbolism in the movie was definitely past what I expected. It’s just viewing for fun, but I would definitely say be aware of what you’re seeing. I saw people on Twitter that said as Satanist they really loved the movie because of how blatant it was.

  20. I have a hard time with this because it's not that I feel I would watch Dr Strange and want to become a warlock or even that I could be demonically influenced to become a warlock. I'm filled with the Holy Spirit (not that you can't be demonically influenced as a Christian but...this isn't The Craft it's a really hokey warlock movie).

  21. Anything you put before God is a form of idolatry. So as long as these movies don't influence you to sin or you put more into your relationship with God and his Kingdom than you do movies or other forms of entertainment then I think you are ok. I am not God nor do I know his every thought. This is just my opinion and from what I've heard and read

  22. Yhh it was overly demonic, like more than it needed too. I’m also contemplating on continuing to watch the Dr Strange or Scarlet Witch Movie franchise because as great as the movie was, it also did rub me the wrong way. As Christians we have the responsibility to be vigilant and very critical about the things we decide to watch. I’m a major marvel fan but if God tells me “No” it’s a wrap for me.

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