ADHD medication relieves my pain

  1. Thats amazing good for you! I've just started mine so haven't noticed much beyond maybe more energy (but that could be the nice weather)

  2. What meds would those be? Do you have a link to the study? I have fibro and looking into getting meds for my adhd right now so I'd be really interested in this

  3. Old post but I have Fibromyalgia, EM and EDS as well as I’m Autistic and ADHD. Methylphenidate relieved my pain so much and I’m more relaxed and with a little more energy. It was incredible to find out that works so well for my pain. Doctors told me that I need to stop it though. It is because of my varicose veined because EDS and I don’t know what to do

  4. You lucky duck. No one's been willing to prescribe me anything for my adhd since I graduated from high school in 2010. In college I got "You're not a full-time employee OR a full-time student" (I was a part-time student with 2 part-time jobs) and since I graduated "You're practically self-employed!" (I was hired by people for animal care)

  5. Wait: you were diagnosed with ADHD and denied medication because of your employment situation? I am so sorry that you have to endure without medication. It's one thing to have healthcare sponsored by your employer, but to have healthcare denied because of the nature of your employment, that's both crazy and tragic.

  6. Thanks! I am cautiously optimistic. I haven't even really processed the relief yet. I am more astonished than anything. 30+ years of pain and then... nothing? With a medication that doesn't have analgesia as an off-label use? I am still wrapping my mind around it. It feels like I received successful treatment purely by chance.

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