the nerf in the mortar was a nerf based on opinion, not math

  1. I’m tired of balance changes being made for the top .001 percent of the player base. Mortar is already barely used in mid ladder, and this change just makes it even harder to use. For over 99% of players, mortar just went from bad to worse.

  2. But goblin drill was at the same use level of giant skele and mortar. But yet they don’t want to touch it anymore because of how little usage it has in mid ladder.

  3. Won’t last long. People are gonna drop the card. Most Reddit “Mortards” like myself won’t, but there will be plenty.

  4. I don't think they do balance changes to actually make all cards balanced/equally good. They do it to regularly change the meta, meaning changing certain cards to be objectively worse or better than others so people need to max a lot of decks in order to stay at or get to a certain trophy range where you can only win, if you are playing a meta deck.

  5. Like there's any other reason for goblin drill to be as strong as it is. Costing only 4 elixir there are very few ways to shut it down for an equal trade. Also because of the spawn damage it's still getting guaranteed damage even if you stop every goblin.

  6. Exactly, nice to see more people in this community realizing that they have no intentions in providing a good experience. It’s all about the revenue

  7. Exactly lol. We should stop nerfing shit by statistics. Nobody cared before, but now they are hitting a "respectee" card and everybody whines.

  8. It's not just Supercell too. Some of the reason why a lot of concept ideas for cards aren't necessarily taken in for consideration because there was a general consensus that defensive cards tend to annoy a large majority of players (Mega Knight being one of the most prominent examples)

  9. Thats been the trend for the last few years, yeah. Once upon a time they actually tried to balance beatdown vs cycle vs defensive control vs siege.

  10. You do know that’s how nerfs work right? Not every card has to be based on usage. It can also be based on how the card makes people feel. If something feels too strong or too annoying then they can justify it for a nerf.

  11. So if I put mortar, hog ridah, graveyard, giant, goblin barrel, lava hound, royal hogs, and wall breakers all in one deck I’ll be in top 200? Heck yea.

  12. Nerf based on if the card was overpowered or not Maybe if you didn’t just blindly look at use rates and thought for yourself you would understand what cards were meta and what aren’t.

  13. Idk what the nerf was but it’s needed one for like all of 2022, pros have been saying it has too much health since literally January

  14. Not really. Mortar always had way too much HP for no reason at all and pretty much all the pros agree. The only ones complaining about the nerf are the midladder mortar players.

  15. I don’t understand any of these balances changes, in the history of the game these changes are probably the worst ever. Let’s take a look back for a moment at some of the changes this year, all buildings nerfed, except inferno tower which was actually buffed, ice spirit buffed, gob barrel the same, Valkyrie second most used card in the game remands the same, log could of nerfed the knock back but nah that would’ve made the most used card in the game balanced so reduce the damage, still the most used card in the game, now gob gang huge buff. Across the whole year all they have done is nerf a bunch of cards out of the game, while increasing or buffing log bait, the next meta is going to be totally trash, it’s going to be nothing but log bait. So I’ll probably quit the game staring next season as somebody who hates decks that have been in the game longer than 5 years and still widely used shits me to tears. Supercell well done you have managed once again to drag the game backwards.

  16. Better to look at win rate rather than usage though, nobody really uses mortar on midladder since it’s one of those cards that’s tricky to master.

  17. its getting easy to nerf cards, just make 10 posts saying "NERF THIS CARD" and it will get nerfed, except if the card is ebarbs or egiant

  18. The usage rate of a card doesn't always correlate to its strength, miner and royale giant are some of the best cards in the game and they are in the lower half of these stats. Also grand challenge stats are generally a better way to balance the game, and it's what supercell bases balance around. Mortar has been broken for years, I actually can't understand why so many people are mad about the nerf.

  19. Because a -13% nerf is massive, that's more than the damn golden knight nerf. A 5-7% nerf or a -5sec lifetime nerf would be reasonable

  20. cannon can defend 7 elixir win condition egiant. And many more win conditions. And cost only 3 elixir. Because of that it became most used and op building on top ladder

  21. I suck at this game and it's definintley overpowered because I use a mortar deck and win almost every match up to 5300 where I then get crapped on cause I'm bad. But Cleary if you can go up almost 300 trophies without losing a single match there's an issue there in my opinion.

  22. I like what they are doing, I might get mass downvotes for this, but nerfing cards for no reason might be able to finally shake up some of the meta. As it's the most stale thing ever

  23. I am mortat player and I realy think mortat is bad. It take some skill to play but still some players who how counter it do that well. There was counter decks royal giant, earthquace decks, grayvard, tombstone (it is hard to connect to tower when they play tombstone and more...). Doesn't deal so much demage and often is play with some other win condition like miner. Even 2.6 counter mortar decks because they could outcycle and distract mortar with cycle cards. This nerf is to much and they only listen to what some pro player have to say but mortar is not strong that much.

  24. Mortar players need to get over themselves. Plenty of other cards have gotten nerfed more than they should’ve, and nearly everyone agrees mortar is too strong

  25. The only problem with mortar is the trash cycle decks with mortar,that uses low cost spells that provide so much value in defense,nerfing him will make it mandatory to use these cycle decks for the mortar to be useful

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