why use wizard when exe exists? I think wizard needs a buff. Everyone agrees that he's weak, but they reject the idea of buffing him.

  1. Yeah but a card constantly mocked by top ladder and only Used overleveled I'm midladder should probably be reworked like ebarbs were i mean I don't know when was the last time I've ever seen wizard win a GC

  2. I swear to god, if I have to deal with an even stronger Level 14 Wizard behind a Level 14 Pekka on ladder as a Level 11, I will quit this game.

  3. Nah dude hope for a rework because ebarbs rework they're much easier to handle at the bridge underleveled then it was before if it's stronger maybe they'll balance it better for us low levels

  4. it is not getting nerfed because even though it is bad buffing it would make the mid ladder experience very bad since it is very over used in that trophy count

  5. It's overused because it's bad. If it was buffed to a more balanced state then all the midladder players would've gone up

  6. It's only overused because it needs rework they know added stats will make it overused that's why it's so good in underlevel arenas and if they buff it it'd add the problem to top ladder (oh boohoo bout time they deal with it already been underleveled forever) much like ebarbs it needs a bit of a rework to do anything with it because they made it borderline to strong with not enough health so it's to much of a risk for the reward already

  7. I honestly can't tell the difference between the two characters now I know that Executioner is meant to have a little bit more health with Wizard dealing more damage but in any scenario i'm favouring the Executioner.

  8. Because it's midladder same with the which simple to use but weak in top ladder a card needs a buff when mid and topladder don't use it People on midladder don't realise he's bad if they do they potentially are only in midladder because of their level

  9. Maybe he could land with damage like the other wizards do, the only problem with this is that the other two are legendary while he's rare.

  10. I think he’d be better with more health, since he’s meant to be played behind other troops, and drop damage wouldn’t be very useful.

  11. Wizard does ranged splash damage to both air and ground troops. The most common idea of a buff for him is making him 4 elixir. I hate the idea of having a 4 elixir ranged splash damage to both air and ground troops card.

  12. I sometimes feel like exe is a strait upgrade to wiz as he does more total damage than wiz and has a bigger range while also tanking a fireball just for a slower attack speed.

  13. one executioner swing can do much damage tbh, one wiz fireball cant do enough. I'd say damage buff would make wiz strong, and give him an actual edge/reason for using him.

  14. I don’t think there is any deck where wizard is superior to either a spell, executioner, a mini tank, musketeer, magic archer, etc.

  15. Exactly. I don't fear Wizard at all, I just fireball it every time, if the opponent plays something in front of it, I just finish it off with log, and if they don't it dies to the tower. Easy chip damage for a minus one elixir trade. If Wizard could survive fireball log it would be far more dangerous, even if you nerf the DPS.

  16. My guy, wizard is so good for the arena range he’s used in. He’s not designed for higher trophy players. He doesn’t need any “buff”, get over the fact that supercell ruined one of your favourite cards. It’s happened to the rest of us.

  17. Sc sometimes buffs the hell out of a card to make it insanely op to force you to max aka pump your money in. And then nerfs it

  18. Wizard isn’t going to be buffed tho, because All of these midladder player’s already have him maxed and use him. Since sc decides buffs or nerfs based on usage

  19. Exe is also trash. It’s a little bit better tho. 5 elixir is just too much for a support card which makes them not worth it to use. Witch (another 5 elixir support card) is also pretty bad.

  20. I'm sure SC will look at all the important data like, how many ppl don't have wizard ug yet and if they will be able to get ppl to open their wallet to help get wizard to max lvl. Its all about timing .

  21. Executioner shoots slower and has lower damage but more hp and more spread out shots but yes I think wizard should be buffed in some capacity

  22. In the universe that he is outperformed by every other card in the game and is arguably the worst card, being used in zero meta decks, whether they are beatdown, logbait, fireball bait, control decks, cycle decks or chip damage decks. including variations, he has not ever been relevant to the meta in the past two or three years

  23. I pla skelly loon clone (don't make assumptions) and when I put it at the bridge, usually I have a harder time against wizard than exe

  24. He already IS everywhere. Personally I don’t use him I use cannon cart, but I find wiz in almost every match along with mk witch

  25. The best buff wiz can have is a fall down fire damage like e-wiz and ice wiz, and does the same amount of damage as a fire spirit.

  26. If I had to adjust wizard, I would play around with the radius of his AOE damage as well as the rate of fire. Maybe he fires faster with a much smaller damage radius, or maybe his rate of fire is halved but the area of damage is increased? Not sure how these would play with different cards

  27. I’ve never been able to get a solid handle on angles and timing with executioner. Wizard is quicker and more predictable

  28. Well, the thing that prevents the developers from buffing witch/wizard is mid ladder aka witch mega Knight wizard mini pekka Valkyrie skeleton army log zap

  29. because he’s one of those cards that supercell will make people mad if any changes are made. He’s one of those “untouchable” cards. Along with Hog rider, Miner, Xbow, and goblin barrel. Even hog rider needs a very small hp nerf to not guarantee a 1hp hit every time he’s used. But supercell won’t because it will upset people. Mega knight used to be untouchable until recently. But supercell did it wrong completely. He needed a slight hp nerf, not a drop damage nerf to the point he can die to barbarians with drop damage. He needed to be less tanks to make him less of a win condition.

  30. You're right. Wizard needs a rework. He needs to cost 1 less elixir, die to fireball, but keep other stats. Or increase 1 elixir, move speed, attack speed, and range. Where he is now he is useless compared to executioner.

  31. Wizard doesn’t recive a buff because it is overused bellow 6000 cups, so a change to the Wizard would affect all the base of the game, remember that the biggest part of players are below 6000 cups

  32. I hate playing against Wizard. I don’t like using him, but I just find him frustrating to play again. It’s annoying that fireball doesn’t kill him, not that it should.

  33. Needs a complete rework imo, drop the cost to 4 elixir and nerf his damage per shot. Make him a shorter ranged splash musketeer

  34. It depends, the exe doesn't really have high damage or fire rate whilst the wiz does. In most situations the exe is better but is some the wiz shines too. Though I do agree it needs a buff, but I don't really so how they could buff him without making the exe obsolete.

  35. Its actually very strong and used in low and mid ladder, its just that people are starting to know whats happening and placing some tanks in front of him, yet not smart enough to spread their troops so he doesnt get insane value (which he does)

  36. What if when he was charging up his fireball he emitted a flaming aura that did damage to the enemies around him, nothing crazy just a little.

  37. Literally no one has ever said wizard is weak becuase he's not, he really doesn't need a buff because if he got stronger so would the other wizards

  38. Wizard is like edgar from brawl stars if he gets buffed he would be op from worst to like top 15 brawlers and for wizards case i feel like it would be the same thing. The best thing to do to both is rework them

  39. I think most of the people using Wiz are in mid ladder and probably don't have Exe maxed out. I've always found both hard to deal with but I'm just a not so great 5900 player

  40. If he gets buffed, it will cause a ladder snowball of more ladder players running the bad card, then proceeding to use mega knight to counter it, then now everyone is using Mega Knight and then ladder is even worse than it already is

  41. Just make a wizard champion. BOOM. Problem solved. He’ll have the range of magic archer, and have a fireball ability that shoots in the air and rains down on himself.

  42. I prefer the Wizard's faster splash attack and higher range than the wait on the Executioner's return attack. Also he feels better for me because you can line up the Executioner throw but the short range makes it dangerous.

  43. Don't buff wizard or nerf wizard. It's only good in specific situations e.g. against mirror minion horde, it's balanced for its 5 elixir cost and doesn't need to be changed. It has at least a lot of dps compared to other 5 elixir cards and you can easily place a tank like golem or mega knight for a counterpush (midladder). Maybe you could give it a rework, but definitely not a buff or nerf or elixir change. Wizard could get e.g. maybe between fireball and zap spawn damage.

  44. I use wizard in my deck and I agree he falls short in many places but if they just buffed his dps he would be considered good. He's alright in mid ladder though. As long as you know how to use him effectively.

  45. glad to see im not the only one that saw exe as a straight upgrade. More HP better range better aoe, all for a very slight dps decrease

  46. I myself use exe in a deck that was supposed to have wizard, because the latter is too squishy. But they are balanced. Wizard deals way more damage than exe, and a neglected wizard can devastate troops. Exe is slower and tends to miss moving troops. Slower attack, and being a very bad counter for balloon makes them both balanced. Clearly, wizard doesn't need a damage buff. A health buff would make him op

  47. I think they could buff his damage a little more (so he kills baby dragon in like 2 hits) but then make his attack speed significantly slower. I guess sort of like a mini sparky that can hit air cards but has low HP and is cheaper.

  48. Faster dps for less hp. Wizard is fine for what it is used for. If you're worried about fireball put him in a different spot.

  49. wizard is one of the most annoying support card. you have to use single unit card or big spell to counter it. buff will just make it too op. i think wizard is good as it is

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