Some of my favorites. Looks like many of us on this sub have the same tastes.

  1. I've had this album since I was a kid. My older brother turned me on to JT. Every song on it is brilliant and all just flows together.

  2. Yeah, I wish this supergroup could have taken off and put out a few more. I saw Doyle solo a long time ago and he was fantastic. This has always been a very underrated album IMO.

  3. Respect. I find it funny I have exactly 1 of these in common with my Topster list (PF Animals) much good music to choose from

  4. I like most all of Jethro Tull and Cheap Trick. Stand Up and Aqualung are great, and In Color and Live at Budakon are favorites too.

  5. They were my jam for a long time. Saw a ton of shows from the mid 90's to about 2004. I still try to catch them here and there. R.I.P. Mikey!

  6. Frank Zappa is one of my favorite artists and should be in there. Apostrophe and Shiek Yerbouti have spent a lot of time on my turntable. This was very hard to do and I forgot so many.

  7. Frank is easy to forget because he has been gone awhile but he had some memorable albums for sure. I was fortunate to see him live as well.

  8. I love seeing The Cars on here. Loved their six classic albums, even as it turned less rock and more new wave, they were always great to me. Except maybe for Panorama.

  9. Morning Final into Tenderloin are my favorite tracks off this one. The E.T.I. off of Some Enchanted Evening should be on everyone's playlist. Buck Dharma is the shit.

  10. Wow this has a lot of the same stuff as the one I posted about a month ago. It’s cool to see stuff like Arc Angels, BOC, Devo, The Cars etc. Very nice.

  11. I always wonder if I’m missing out when I don’t recognize some of the albums by the cover and they don’t have the artist and/or album name on it.

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