What are Cleveland's unwritten rules?

  1. When i was like 5, i remember asking my dad if it was confusing for Canadians to know north is towards Erie, but for compasses to tell them that's south

  2. As someone who moved to a city with no lake I cannot tell you how screwed up on directions I am to this day (and we have been here almost 9 years), especially when driving around our downtown. (We also don’t have numbered streets downtown which adds to the confusion)

  3. Whenever I travel to Detroit/Windsor I become instantly disoriented. Lake is south & it just hurts my noggin.

  4. My stepdad from NC got the very first speeding ticket he’d ever gotten in his (at the time) 78 year long life when he was visiting a few years back on Memphis Ave. I don’t think he’s ever knowingly driven more than 5 miles over speed limit ever. Drove me nuts as a kid.

  5. Does anything bad ever actually happen if you don’t pay those tickets? I got two and decided I didn’t give af and wasn’t going to pay them, and then I moved out of state lol.

  6. This is the real pro-tip. I live about a mile from the Lindale speed trap. EVERY out of town visitor that I've had has got a ticket from that speed trap, even after I warn them. There's a reason every else is going 25mph right there.

  7. Mayfield now too…. I-77 they have a cop sitting in a chair on the overpass taking photo tickets.

  8. OUR museum of art is FREE! I’ve been to New York’s and Chicago’s both amazing, both don’t have anything over Cleveland’s and both are expensive to visit.

  9. Dick Goddard almost ran me over in his car entering Oktoberfest 3 years ago. Ever since that day, my relationship with Dick has been on the rocks, to say the least.

  10. I think that depends on where you’re going. I don’t find it to be a shortcut. I drive from Lakewood to Solon. I most often just take 90W-490W-77S-480W if Im staying on the highway. If not, replace 480W with Pleasant Valley exit. I’ll take Pleasant Valley all the way to Solon some days. 176S gets stopped up pretty easily near the 480W interchange. Maybe I’ll take it to today and see if that still holds true. Traffic hasn’t been bad lately though.

  11. When I first moved here I didn’t see the ad yet but I saw a comment where someone said “I want misny to stick that finger in my mouth like the bad boy I am” and I was like wtf. But after seeing the billboards, I 100% get it now.

  12. My gf and I have a weird running joke. We have no idea how he really sounds! Anytime we see his billboards we say “Misny Makes Them Pay” like Niko Bellic from GTA IV.

  13. They may have just picked up an order from Swenson's and haven't realized they didn't turn the lights back on yet. Take it from someone who's done this exactly thing an embarrassing number of times.

  14. Wasn’t this at one time an urban legend that it was “gang initiation” when people did that and if you flashed your lights at them they would have to shoot you?

  15. Born and raised in Cleveland. Now living in Alaska. I’ve ordered Ballpark Mustard and had it shipped to me. Love it on a brat with kraut. Reminds me of Frank’s at the West Side Market.

  16. There is no such thing as Spring. In Cleveland there is this extended season called Sprinter. Also, anytime you are traveling out of town you are obligated to wear Cleveland sports teams clothing.

  17. Every single year when the first snow falls for the season we play "count the number of cars off the road" on any short drive through town we take.

  18. Also depends on who you're talking to. Either everyone needlessly drives like a scared grandmother or everyone drives like a wreckless maniac. No in between.

  19. Haven’t had any real snow yet this year unless you’re in one of the farther eastern suburbs, so this one can be forgiven at the moment!

  20. If you like the East you stay on the East forever, if you like the west you stay on the west forever, And each side thinks the other is ghetto or hates the other and would never move to the other no matter what. 😂

  21. I just wanna get a houseboat so I can be north side! All fun and games until the lake freezes over…

  22. I moved to the East suburbs when I moved in with my husband bc he owned a house over here and my Lakewood condo was easier to sell.

  23. You are only separated by 2 degrees, it is the closest big city. Guaranteed the person you just met, knows at least 3 of your friends. This is what I love so much about Cleveland

  24. When you want to turn left at an unprotected light, the second it turns green you have to punch it through the intersection before oncoming traffic hits you.

  25. And nobody knows what the hell Slider is supposed to be. Is he a bug? An Alien? A mutant? And what are those balls all over his body??? I don't get slider, and I haven't gotten slider since the first time I saw him 25+ years ago.

  26. Make sure they understand that it’s totally worth the extra money for the window seat when flying over Downtown.

  27. "I never found Big Chuck and Little John very funny" is probably something you should never say.

  28. My dad and John are acquaintances. He introduced him to my friends 90 year old grandfather at the American Tavern one night. Friends grandfather looks him in the eye and say “nice to meet you, big guy”

  29. I shake my head at the shitty lake development as much as the next guy, but the river is a missed opportunity that doesn't get talked about as well. I'd love to see that built up.

  30. When it’s sunny and 70°, drive like an 80 year old. When it’s white-out and only one lane is (sorta) cleared, drive like it’s Sunday and your car and outfit are covered in corporate logos. If you drive a pick up, you’re required to ride the bumper of the person ahead of you for at least a mile before passing, being sure to cut back into the lane less than a foot in front, so they really understand how much they inconvenienced you.

  31. Thou must indulge in polish boys. The polish kielbasa sandwich with bbq sauce, cole slaw and fries, not actual Polish-boys. I'm not tryna perpetuate another Pizzagate. Lol.

  32. We measure distance by time and not miles. Example: “How far is Cedar Point?” Answer “About an hour and a half”. “Where’s the nearest gas station?” “About 5 minutes and it’ll be on your left.”

  33. just for the record, reading through this thread has been hilarious and had me chuckling at work this morning lol… so thank you, friends

  34. You’re supposed to root for marginal professional athletes. For example, most of Cleveland wanted Austin Davis to get a legit shot at being the Browns starter after one, incredibly average start due to injury.

  35. You gotta speed on the shoreway. I know it says 35 but I'm annoyed and so is everyone else if you are driving slower than 50, especially in the left lane

  36. There's has to be an unhealthy sense of pride for Dick Goddard, LeBron, Drew Carey or all three depending on your age.

  37. Have fun at shows. Every show I've been to in Cleveland, comedians, music and podcasts, the entertainer comments on Cleveland's energy and how other crowds aren't as energetic/wild/into it as Clevelanders are. I've been to shows elsewhere and at some of them no one was even moving to the music. I definitely think we carry a special energy at shows/in crowds.

  38. A real, true unwritten rule? Despite what this sub would lead you to believe, melt and barrio are decent places to eat and it's ok if you enjoy their food.

  39. Melt used to be good. Their prices went up and their quality went down. I miss how good their food was. I also miss their crab cakes sandwich.

  40. Honk your horn as you are running a was yellow / now red stop light. Both as a warning that you are going through and a request for forgiveness.

  41. I always thought people who did this were crazy. Like they were beeping at people in front of them but no one is there …

  42. Who the hell did he piss off to not make it big nationwide?? There has to be a story behind that”! He was too good to not make the big time..

  43. There is no side B. Do not attempt to flip the city over, no matter what you are told. However, in the event you do discover one, DON'T look at it.

  44. If you don't miss Steve's Hot Dogs or the original The Big Egg (even though you may have never visited either one) you are dead to us.

  45. OMG I forgot the Big Egg. But I remember the crazy old coot who introduced me. Some wild, oddly smoky, memories are flooding back now!

  46. This is an open carry, concealed carry weapon, stand your ground state so be nice and polite to everyone you meet.

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