Best way to travel to Airport at 4am?

  1. Fwiw, scheduling uber and lyft doesn't reserve you a car, it just tells the app to request a ride at that time without you having to do it.

  2. Not all RTA stations have overnight parking, and the ones that do have a limit for the number of days (I don’t recall, I think it’s under a week though)

  3. You could try uber and if you can’t get a ride you could drive and park at the airport and arrange for a friend or family member to come pick up your car later that day.

  4. A friend of mine worked as a pilot and regularly parked her car at Brookpark and took the redline in to the airport. This is now my go to option for flying. There is a ton of free parking at that lot and you can pay for train fare on your phone.

  5. I scheduled an Uber ahead of time last month trying to be there around 4:45. I'd pick the time you want to be picked up and schedule about 15-20 minutes before that

  6. If you don't mind paying extra Umobile driving service is great. Prompt, clean, and know the best routes.

  7. Your best option is going to be asking a friend or family member to drop you off. Next best option would be park-n-ride.

  8. Live “dangerously” and drive your car to the airport at the time you think is right instead of asking strangers for some sort of mommy is always here guidance over a basic daily decision.

  9. You’re probably already getting ready and it may be too late but if you can find a reliable friend to get you at least to the red line that works. I wouldn’t rely on the safety of parking your car for multiple days in an RTA or Hopkins lot.

  10. Agree with you on not leaving a car at an RTA lot multiple days, but in decades of using airport lots, including the Park Place/Park-n-Fly private ones, there is no safety issue parking a locked vehicle at those.

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