What are some “expensive yet poor quality restaurants” in Cleveland that you could recommend to an enemy?

  1. 1000%. I went here for Easter dinner I think it was with a bunch of my wife's family because they love it. It was pretty bad, and we were there for like 3 hours with food taking forever.

  2. Nobody should pay full price for White Oaks. They have a ton of gift cards, coupons, groupons, etc available for a reason. I was unimpressed with the quality.

  3. What’s wrong with Nuevo? I’ve gone there multiple times and it’s been great every time. Expensive, but delicious.

  4. I had an awful experience there. The guy running our food insulted my moM visiting from out of town. Wont go there again even if the food was good

  5. Went here on a date due to recommendations from coworkers. We lived in Lakewood, so it seemed ideal.

  6. I loved the Theatrical! Watching the customers, mobsters, judges and politicians, bookies, hookers, it WAS fascinating.The piano player was on a platform in the middle of the bar so everyone could see him. The waiters looked like Abe Vigoda. I was barely 21. They had a lady in the women’s room that would hand you a towel, had a tray of perfumes, colognes, hair spray, etc. and you would tip her. The Theatrical was an amazing place and I’m glad I got to experience it.

  7. My parents went there and my dad saw the had pappy van winkle and asked the price, apparently they're charging $600 a pour because they're one of the only places in town that has it. Their waiter said they sell about 1 pour a month at that price yet they're adamant its a good deal.

  8. Girlfriend always wants to go there and I always try to find a way out. She only likes it because it has clout because one the kardashians was there one time or something.

  9. AHHHH thank you for this, I had been there 3 times with wonderful experiences and most recently felt it was soooo different, poor service, mediocre food, I was wondering if it was an off day or downhill change.

  10. What didn't you like about Brightside? a friend of mine works there and the food he puts out is normally top tier

  11. My Boss was at Cordelia last week and said he wasn't into it, I've been debating if I should keep it on my "Place to Try" list or not

  12. M Italian and any other (for lack of a better term) "trendy" restaurant on the east side. As somebody that grew up there, the affluent folks love to talk up any new "cool" bar even if it is actually not that great.

  13. I'm told the locals call it M'olive Garden. The open space is nice for a happy hour drink and nosh at the bar. Seems like the lunch menu is pretty normally priced for decent (not great) lunch.

  14. Why anyone on the east side would go anywhere for italian other than Little Italy (or Geraci's I suppose) is beyond me

  15. Luxe. My friends and family like going there because of their patio, but I’ve had food ranging from meh to seriously awful come out of there every time but the first time I ate there. Multiple friends of mine ordered chicken once when I was dragged there and it was extra raw inside. Another friend ordered something that Luxe slated as “green shakshuka” and when it came out it was 1 cup ramekin full of previously frozen snap peas–now mushy, gray, and swimming in the water that leached from it–and burnt basil leaves with an egg on top that had a 75% raw white. Never, ever again.

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