[Game Thread] Giants (4-2) @ Guardians (4-2) - April 15, 2022

  1. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. San francisco has reserved a special place in hell for putting Rodon up against us on the guards (first ever) opening day.

  2. I’ve been flipping, was shocked when that lead that kept hovering around 10 points was suddenly gone between flips.

  3. Hey no matter what happens this game just think of this. It’s a 2-1 game against a team that won 106 games last year. I’d call that progress

  4. Wish we would’ve taken advantage of the shorter starts and trued to leverage that to get this guy out of this game by now. Really wish we’d worked him more

  5. Seems like Jose and Reyes have him timed. Going to have to be one of them that gets him. Since he’s on pace today to pitch a CG at this rate.

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