Is it too early to call the Mike Clevinger trade one of the best all-time for Cleveland?

  1. Sharing link because the title is perfect for the point you're making. Plus, scroll down to the first comment to see Kluber's splits against winning and losing teams over the last two years. Ooof!

  2. Colon we got way more than just Sizemore and Lee. We also got Brandon Phillips, and Lee Stevens, although he didn't do much with us. Phillips made his MLB debut with us and played parts of a few seasons before we traded him to Cincinnati for Jeff Stevens. Jeff Stevens was in the minors, but we then traded him to Chicago in the Mark Derosa deal. Then we flipped DeRosa for Chris Perez.

  3. Oh no doubt the Colon trade was probably the best - and a lot more than Sizemore/Lee. Meant to be an example of other great trades rather than a comprehensive rundown.

  4. The best trade Tribe trade tree ever is: Eddie Taubensee for Kenny Lofton, Lofton for David Justice, Justice for Jake Westbrook, Westbrook for Corey Kluber, Kluber for Emanuel Clase. It is still going strong

  5. I love how Taubensee picked up and carried Lofton after he scored the winning run in the 14-2 comeback in 2001. Such a full circle moment for the fans that really care.

  6. I think there is a real change we say the same thing about the Lindor trade. Gimenez is an upgrade in a small sample this year and Wolf/Greene are getting a ton of buzz in prospect circles right now

  7. Still not sure that I'd call Gimenez an upgrade (especially over what Lindor WAS when he was in CLE), but he's got a real bright future and has played very well

  8. Kluber for Westbrook, and Clase for Kluber also great, but ya, not as good as this clevinger deal. I had no idea he was already 31. Wow

  9. Brad Hand trade has worked out pretty well too. Mejia only played like 100 games for SD. We got Climber and Brad Hand.

  10. There really aren’t a ton of major baseball trades that go down. Looking at what this front office has done is seriously astonishing. Pulling off a deal like the Clevinger deal is pretty out of the ordinary. Add in the package we got for Lindor who we absolutely weren’t resigning and it’s pretty crazy. Also getting Franmil in the Bauer deal.

  11. Ours really is so good. I appreciate them so much because we get to enjoy a competitive baseball team. We get to see such good baseball.

  12. I agree. On purely talent, the Bartolo trade was up there, but the Clev trade was an era defining move.

  13. I don’t think it’s too early. I can easily say this trade was worth it even if everyone here bats .100 for the rest of their careers. Clev sadly has been underwhelming and everyone was happy to see Allen leave.

  14. People might have been a bit underwhelmed at the time, can't remember, but I can't believe the Fathers went for it... let alone after having ripped them off before.

  15. Damn I have never seen the Padres catch shade like that lol. Aren’t they just the West Coast Pirates?

  16. Can't agree on that. They have spent a lot of money, but I am a big fan of Manny Machado even though people have disliked him. I have followed his career and he has really stepped up in the clubhouse and on the field with his big contract.

  17. I'm a Padres fan. With the Hosmer contract and not knowing that the DH was coming now, we were blocking Naylor from playing time. (Its the same reason we traded Franmil to you guys :(. Im still mad about that. I love him so much.) The rest of them would not have seen playing time anytime soon and we weren't happy with Quantrill to put it lightly.

  18. SD fan here...yes Padres got the crap end of that I liked Quantrill and Naylor. And Miller seems legit too. Forgot that was a 6 for 2...stupid Preller

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