[Game Thread] Guardians (83-67) @ Rangers (65-84) - September 23, 2022

  1. I had a reply in line about his gray ear, but I almost spit my drink out reading your flair. And then I just stopped giving a shit about my reply.

  2. It always looks like that. Maybe has something to do with piercings cause he leaves certain earrings out it looks like for the games. Idk how they could make his ears gray but

  3. Feels so foreign to have that interaction between Straw and Kwan. I’m sure everything’s okay but hoping more is getting read into it than what’s actually there

  4. Of fucking course I went to two games in St. Louis over the weekend and got nothing from Albert now he hits 2 in LA which is an easy drive for me from Vegas lmao

  5. This season hasn’t been great for just us, but general baseball. Fuck the Yanks but Judge’s season is so historic and Pujols now getting 700. Orioles also turning the corner and looking like they’re gonna be good again. Mariners might break their playoff drought too.

  6. Karinchak cannot stand still at all lol. I def see why the twins had him checked with how he’s always grabbing the bag and his hair

  7. I hope we clinch it on Tuesday, their first night back after this long road trip, a good way to start a home stand. Plus, I have a ticket to the game so like that too lol

  8. That Antonelli's Cheese Shop commercial makes me want their cheese. I ain't driving that far and their cheese of the month club is $190 plus shipping.

  9. That would be fun they have an crazy tough schedule to close out the season though with Houston this weeked, Boston, NYY, and Toronto to close out the season.

  10. Peeked at the white Sox game thread. Even the fans have tapped out for the season. Only 70 comments. Glad to be on this journey with my fellow Guardians fans

  11. It's gonna be tough, but crazier things have happened. Especially with Julio on the DL. The O's do have to contend with the Stros, which they did in style today.

  12. After all the talk about Seattle being a lock for ending their playoff drought and the O's selling at the deadline. It just makes too much sense and chaos is always fun when your team isn't involved unless you're benefitting from said chaos.

  13. lmao Andre basically becoming the third man in the booth has added so much life to the broadcast the have as much fun as this team does

  14. I fucking love this Guardians team. This teams enthusiasm for the game radiates so strongly it's unlike anything I've ever seen in professional sports.

  15. I love that the Guardians of the Land commercial includes the clip of Kwan jumping up and down and shaking Rosario. Pure love for the game right there

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