[Game Thread] Guardians (85-67) @ Rangers (65-86) - September 25, 2022

  1. Servais is the favorite for MOY but it should be Tito. Nobody, no analysts, no beat writers, nobody, predicted this team to make it to the playoffs, let alone have a winning season.

  2. Tito has been nothing short of great over the last decade with Cleveland, but this season might be his best work.

  3. Karinchak is the perfect guy to get the last out to clinch a division title. Can’t wait for his celebration

  4. Well if you have laundry to do go ahead and do it. This half inning is going to take 15-20 minutes to complete....

  5. Rangers seem to be employing the bold strategy that we can’t make the playoffs if they keep walking us and this game never ends.

  6. With the division clinched it would definitely be nice to see freeman, benson, brenan and Arias get more playing time these last two series

  7. Was driving back home from visiting my gfs family this weekend. Can’t believe I missed a Kwan Slam! I’ll never forgive myself.

  8. Owen Miller playing first base is like using a catcus as a dildo. It's a bad idea to begin with, it's going to hurt the entire time, and it's takes a long time to wash away the shame afterwards

  9. White Sox are losing 4-1 going into the bottom of the 9th, so at least that’s still a possibility if Shaw screws up the 8 run lead.

  10. Dang dude thats a tough one. I'll go with Miller 1B. There's two plays that should have been made by him, that a usual 1B player would've made...

  11. What a perfect ending to my favorite division chase of my lifetime. I will love this team forever don’t care what they’re called or what logo they wear

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