[Game Thread] ALDS Game 1 - Guardians (0) @ Yankees (0) - October 11, 2022

  1. Did anyone else hear Yankee fans chant “Straw’s a pussy”? It’s totally normal for fans to make obnoxious comments or chants toward opposing players. But chanting “pussy”, that’s low.

  2. Amed Rosario is bordering on useless or the catalyst for 4+ runs of offense with 0 in between. It’s infuriating. I feel like Naylor has been terrible vs any team that isn’t in our cupcake division.

  3. We held our own tonight and I’m calling it right now Straw is going to win the series in the bottom of the 9th in game 5 in NYC knocking in Kwan for the winning run. Our fanbase is due

  4. Watching the game on mute Thursday so I can listen to Hammy call the came and get the best of both worlds.

  5. I like Aaron Judge. I’m gonna get flack but I find him to be one of the most likeable guys in baseball. I wish we spent money to get him.

  6. There’s nothing more Yankees-fans than throwing shit on the field then booing the guy who called you out for throwing shit on the field.

  7. It takes a special level of delusion to be a Yankees fan and think you have the moral high ground to boo Straw and chant that he's an asshole.

  8. I hate stats like "Cleveland has never run a playoff game when trailing by 3 runs after the 7th." It doesn't mean anything. It's not like we're playing with the same roster that couldn't make that comeback 60 years ago. It's just a reflection of the fact that any team would struggle to do that.

  9. Can't have 18LOB and win the game unfortunately. That bases loaded inning was crucial. I feel bad for Gonzo for miffing that ball that went into the corner but realistically it was how many stranded runners we had. Absolutely brutal

  10. Lol, you came to that conclusion off his 1 AB in the playoffs, on the road @ Yankees stadium which happens to be his only AB in like 2 weeks. Excellent analysis

  11. Earlier in the season, Kwan ran into the wall in the OF and was hurt. The fans were cheering and one of them said something racist. Straw literally climbed the fence and got in their face about it.

  12. Because he correctly identified Yankees fans as being the worst in baseball, after they threw shit on the field when the Guardians played there back in April.

  13. He called Yankees fans out for being shitty and the worst fans in baseball, and they’re kinda proving him right

  14. Would have been incredible if Benson got on and Straw hit his first homer in front of these loser fans to tie the game, bummer.

  15. On a positive note, if the Guardians do lose this game, at least Ron Darling has got me ready to go to sleep quicker than a double dose of Nyquill.

  16. If anything this game only proves to these young guys that they belong. Many missed opportunities but they were there.

  17. “You don’t want to look ahead” real easy way to do that without offending anyone is to just frame for both teams instead of just defaulting everything to the Yankees perspective. What a dumbass.

  18. I mean truthfully they are and should be heavy favorites. Fuck the odds in a playoff series but they are in their favor.

  19. I’m in the minority, but I think Costas has praised the Guards consistently, is very knowledgeable about the team, and knows the organization’s history.

  20. I think he’s done well people are overreacting. Everybody gets butthurt about being counted out but we’ve done nothing to warrant otherwise today

  21. Bob is a Red Sox fan. In fact most national writers were shocked he was calling the game because they thought he would favor the guardians and they wouldn’t ask him

  22. We have Bieber and Sticks the next 2 games. They will put us in a position to win. Whether this sorry ass lineup shows up is TBD.

  23. Getting real tired of wealthy elite sports commentators just non-stopping yammering about the same wealthy elite teams being an inevitability to win it all. No matter the sport, no matter the scenario. None of these announcers are likable and would get booed out of any public sports bar they ever walk into between the coasts.

  24. Dude why does it feel like god damn DeMarlo Hale had some sort of decision he made tonight. Why the fuck is he lingering around. Whenever he lingers like that we are losing. I never see him when we are winning. I’m serious. Go back and watch this season.

  25. Nothing about the Yankees winning is a shock. The shock is that our at bats have been so poor and our discipline is gone. Tito will sort them out and I still think we’re doing pretty good against a team worth 4 times more

  26. Two can play at this game. If Judge played Cleveland 14 times a year he’d not have broken the AL HR record.

  27. By complaining kinda like this, we got our cushion years where we got talked about just like any other team. Joe Buck even like kinda apologized or whatever.

  28. I would feel more optimistic about this loss if we lost 5-6 or something but this is the third playoff game in a row our offense does nothing. That is cause for concern.

  29. It’s on us, bases loaded 1 out and come up empty handed…2 on 1 put empty handed. Opportunities were there to blow this game open, but we chunked it.

  30. Yeah ngl if we lose this series, I will take solace in it if we keep managing to expose him and make the broadcasters practically cry on air.

  31. Assuming we lose, our bats decide to go cold at the worst time now. 3 games and no more then 2 runs in a game is not winning baseball.

  32. Good core but honestly wouldn't mind replacing Rosario at short, Putting Oscar at DH and getting another RF (preferably RHPH) a vet SP and vet BP arm C to back up naylor that can hit at the very least .200 with some pop. Lastly, bench Straw to use for defensive needs and either give Benson a true shot or pick up another (preferably LHPH) OF and move Kwan to CF. if those moves don't meet you guys fancy at least moving Oscar to DH can give Brennan or Benson a real shot, but honestly speaking we need another power hitter (30+/80+) badly.

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