[Postgame Thread] Guardians @ Yankees - October 14, 2022

  1. That’s what they’ve said about our team all year. At some point it’s not luck but just our style of play this year.

  2. They got lucky Stanton had that called strike that shouldn’t have been right before he homered or else they would be shut out

  3. Costas said it best on the TBS game commentary: The Guardians are playing with house money. With the series now tied and heading back to Cleveland, the pressure is SQUARELY on the Spankee’s shoulders.

  4. I look forward to pounding $9.50 miller lites with you fine gentlemen at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario tomorrow evening

  5. Cleveland had lost their last six games to the Yankees in the postseason before today’s win. Hey, the Guardians are playing with house money. Pressure is all on the Yankees. Cavs play today with the very talented Mobley back in action. The life. ☀️☀️☀️2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣🤨🤨🤨😂😂😂😎😎😎👏👏👏🍿🍿🍿🥤🥤🥤🎄🎄🎄🖊🖊🖊📖📖📖

  6. I don't even mind the Yankees bias. He just kills the intensity and vibe when he references some dude no ones heard of from 1926. Let the moments breathe

  7. In '97 no one gave us a shot against the Yankees. Dropped the first game. Went behind in the second. But then a wild, crazy ride took off. Let's hope history repeats (at least until the Jose Mesa part.)

  8. José Ramírez is the embodiment of what’s baseball player should be. That hustle out of the box on a blooper is something you don’t see frequently. What a win, I cannot wait to be downtown tomorrow and Sunday. GO GUARDS!

  9. The offense played much much better today than any other day. They are just waking up, and with the grind coming up I have faith restored in this team again

  10. Annnnd unclench. What a huge win. Fought back. Key was getting Cortes out of the game early. The boys can get to this bullpen, especially their righties. Can’t wait for Triston to dominate tomorrow.

  11. All the boners in the gameday thread who had us counted out after the first inning: isn't it amazing what can happen when you, I don't know, play an entire game of baseball? Don't come back tomorrow.

  12. I heard a mom telling her kid in Kohls yesterday that we were getting swept by the Yankees. He was so sad. I should’ve called CPS

  13. The doomers should be forced to wear Yankees paraphernalia for time immemorial. Never seen so many people writing us off after 2/3 of an inning.

  14. It feels SO GOOD taking it to 1-1 coming into a home game. Part of me loves that our disgusting brand of bloop singles and base running took the lead in the 10th.

  15. The goal was to always split in New York. Now it’s our 1b vs there 3 in Severino. Then we have Cole for vs Cal at home. I like our chances there. Proud of our boys today, especially Bieber in his revenge game

  16. Who is the clown saying we got lucky. Its crazy how one team wins when they put the ball in play more than the other team that strikes out for 5 innings worth of at bats

  17. we were never out of this game which has been the whole team's motto since the start of this season. the bullpen was incredible and guardians baseball at the top of the 10th was just amazing. let's get 2 in cleveland! LFG

  18. Just wanted to point out that the Guardians finally played their game today. And yeah, our bullpen and defense was better than theirs. Keep it tied long enough and I felt like their bullpen would crack eventually.

  19. Love how Jose hustles no matter what. That triple was awesome to watch. I had the game playing on my phone as I was teaching this afternoon. Had a handful of kiddos keep asking me for periodic updates. Go Guards!

  20. I had to leave the house in the bottom of the tenth, so much better listening to Hammy call it than Costas.

  21. The Yankees sub is absolutely shitting on us saying we are the luckiest team in baseball lmaooo. I hope we shut out these stinky fucks over the weekend.

  22. Someone in their sub thinks Clase was tomorrow's starting pitcher, and because of that he won't be going 5/6 innings and we'll have to reach into the bullpen.

  23. I love it! What’s lost with the 3 true outcomes people, is that good things happen to teams that put the ball in play and force you to play defense.

  24. At the beginning of the game they were acting like it was a highly unlikely hypothetical for the Guards to force a game 5. Now let’s see if the Yankees can do it.

  25. His approach at the plate can be infuriating, but OGon is just fucking clutch man, how many guys, let alone ROOKIES can have game winning extra innings hits 2/3 games.

  26. Sandy Alomar Jr.'s belt is undefeated in extra-inning post-season games. I'd like to see some advanced metrics about the belt's performance.

  27. GO FUCKING GUARDS WHAT A GOD DAMN GAME. We torched our pen but so did the Yanks and we have Sticks tomorrow. We have such a shot at closing this in Cleveland. We knew we had to take one of these first two and we fucking did it. Absolutely disgusting brand of baseball.

  28. This is probably going to get buried, but does anyone have a replay of that crazy play with Ramirez reaching 3rd on the blooper and errant throw?

  29. FWIW, the iheart radio app is behind the TV by about a pitch. I muted the TV, paused it for a few seconds, and turned on Hammy.

  30. LETS GO GUARDS! All we needed was 1! We now essentially have home field advantage in a 3 game series. Lets keep the momentum up from this game and take it into Cleveland with a sold out crowd. McKenzie just gotta do his thing and we are looking good.

  31. They’re complaining about the fact that the Yankees were “cheated” out of two night games in New York. They can’t handle losing to Cleveland.

  32. Yankees sub was talking about how they were gonna sweep us and that even if we didn’t pitch to Judge it wouldn’t matter because of Stanton. Guess Stantons bomb wasn’t enough today. :,(

  33. I saw a comment on the game thread, during the 4th inning , and they were like “that’s the wrap, see you guys tomorrow”

  34. It’s two games, but people were saying that the Guards couldn’t hit with the Yanks. While my game-plan involved walking Judge, the fact is, they can’t score if Judge isn’t contributing.

  35. I have been an avid baseball fan since I was a kid in the 90s, and in my limited time watching I can say that Tito is the best manager I have ever seen. His baseball IQ and the way he trusts and inspires his players is unmatched.

  36. I’ll tell ya, these pitchers don’t give them anything to hit. Yeah they walked guys, but we struck those mother fuckers out. I love winning games against these bums. I just fucking love it

  37. Over at the Yankees sub you couldn’t convince these guys that we just flat out pitched better than them and won a ball game with some timely hitting. Calling us lucky. It’s literally the way we have won all year long. It’s almost like their fan base has been blinded by home runs as if that’s the only way to score in baseball

  38. Remember all the people calling Tito stupid and crazy for having Naylor start this game. And then later wanting to pull him?

  39. I hope Bob Costas has to eat an overcooked steak tonight...wait that is probably how he likes it...well I hope he eats some bad shellfish then...

  40. I’m an Astros fan who had nothing to do today except listen to the broadcast, and my goodness is your main radio guy absolutely stellar. He’s gotta be one of the best in the league. Every call, every play for both teams felt like playoff baseball. Absolutely electric. I’m jealous.

  41. Highway pitch count/longest outing of the year. You never know how someone will respond to that. Especially an arm like his.

  42. I trusted him, I just didn’t think we needed to ride him that hard today when we have 2-3 more games before an off day, gives me 2016 Miller vibes when he was just out of gas when it mattered most.

  43. Did Bob Costas miss the Guardians brief when he signed up for this gig? I think he mentioned the Guardians maybe twice today. That was 4 hrs of listening to him talk about Yankees, make Justin Bieber jokes, and called them the Indians over and over again

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