[Corner Bar] Happy Hour - ALDS Game 3 - Saturday, October 15, 2022

  1. I wanted to listen to the game tonight with my phone while I’m working in the garage. Is there a free app I can listen to the local stream?

  2. one so called powerhouse is out and another could be out tonight. whoever wins the AL will win the World Series if you ask me

  3. Can you imagine our bench if Hedges hit an inside-the-Parker like Realmuto just did?

  4. Looking at the NYY lineup, they've completely reworked it for today. That makes me feel like they're nervous and over thinking things. If Boone is feeling panicked, that's great for us. When managers start over thinking and tinkering too much it tends to not go well for their teams.

  5. Phillies getting a hell of a lot of “lucky” runs today, Rollins. Wonder if that piece of shit will have the same take for his former team.

  6. Evidently Brad Hand is not only still pitching, but is pitching in the postseason for the Phillies? Makes me glad we have a bullpen where I'd prefer every one of them to Hand.

  7. It's been a hot minute since he played for us, but Brad Hand is giving an absolutely filthy, dry handjob to the Braves right now

  8. All my team gear is navy or white so I'm gonna rock an OSU hoodie under the home white jersey.... hope the baseball gods don't get confused.

  9. I just want to say, that as a fan living in Chicago, that I am 110% pleased that my team is still playing and the cubs and white Sox are not 😌

  10. Gonna lots of layers like an Ogre tonight. Anyone know if they're still pushing for us to wear red?

  11. I don't have a lot of baseball gear, so I dug through and found a years old Cleveland Indians Kluber jersey that was complimentary from a game I went to years ago that I haven't worn since at least pre-2020. If we win, it goes on again tomorrow, if we lose I burn it /s

  12. I got mocked for it by friends, but I invested in a heated vest I can wear under a hoodie/jacket and it has saved my ass multiple times.

  13. That win gave us all the momentum coming back home with another ace on the mound tonight. I was worried after game 1 that the bats would be flat but they got over that quick. The atmosphere in the stadium better be insane!!

  14. I feel good about STICKS on the mound this evening.....his biggest challenge is staying away from walks and NO dingers PLEASE!!!!

  15. This ALDS is weird because it feels like it should be later in the playoffs. We already won a series, it’s the middle of October but it’s on the division series?

  16. Came from Puritas last week the lot wasn’t full but it was definitely getting filled up Leave a couple hours before the game and you’ll be fine

  17. I’ve always taken the red line down from Lakewood for Cavs playoffs games and Browns games and it always been great. The only time it was rough was the championship parade, so I took it downtown and walked home. Long ass walk.

  18. The red line was pretty good heading to the game last week, the way back is probably going to be more annoying cause everyone is leaving the game at the same time and trying to get to the same place

  19. I've only ever taken the Green Line, but it's always been very pain-free for playoff games. Not sure if the west side gets more traffic, but it's never been a problem for me.

  20. Another simple yet big difference is we committed 2 errors in Game 1 and none yesterday. Gotta play fundamental ball to win

  21. People were panicking hard after Game 1, but the reality is we handed that game to them. It was relatively close until Spongebob booted the ball in the outfield.

  22. I love that our unluckiness is starting to wear off. Myles Straw hits a screaming liner up the middle and Nestor somehow snags it and throws out Straw. Jumping snags by their infielders. Lineout redonkulous double plays turns into bloop doubles and singles muscled into right field. Our pitching is really good whether anyone else wants to admit it or not and now that hits are falling its anyone's series. Gonna be a barnburner tonight. Go Guards!!!

  23. Yesterday I felt like we turned a corner offensively. Our boys had been pressing the first 3 post season games. It's happened a few times throughout the season and it's not our style. Yesterday they seemed to calm down, relax a bit and show patience again. Getting the win was a result of that but also I feel should boost their confidence that it can still work in the playoffs.

  24. I tried explaining this to my wife last night, but in her defense, she isn’t from Cleveland and she’s not huge into pro sports, so I’ll share with you guys instead: I love all Cleveland teams (though the Browns are on my shit list), but there’s something special about the Guardians. I remember the old muni stadium and getting seats way up, then sneaking down after the third inning for better seats. I remember Wayne Kirby’s single in the bottom of the 11th in 94 to win the first ever game at Jacob’s field. I remember listening to Tom Hamilton and Herb Score in my bedroom after I was supposed to be asleep because it was ‘95, and the Indians were never out of it. I remember watching Albert Belle crush a homer to deep center for a walk off grand slam against the stupid Angels and my dad and me trying to contain our excitement because my younger siblings were asleep. I remember the heartache at the end of 95, and again in 97. Almost. But not quite. I remember following along online from Europe on 07, thinking we had no chance against the Yankees, then Mother Nature intervened. I remember watching in 16 from out of state thinking there’s no way we’d have two championships after how many years of none.

  25. Great post. I love all our teams but also have the same feeling about the Guards. And while this is a Browns town, I know tons of people who feel the same way. The city has a strange fickle relationship with going to the stadium but people love the team. I get pissed when it’s suggested otherwise.

  26. Hiding under the covers with my Walkman radio listening to Hammy well after I was supposed to be asleep all through the 90s is probably my favorite Tribe memory.

  27. This post just gave me chills. As a kid in the 90s, there was nothing better than watching the Tribe in the summer and October baseball in Cleveland. I love the Browns and Cavs but like many of us, I have a soft spot for Cleveland baseball. Nothing beats these postseason games. Go guards!

  28. That would be an awesome call to see, I'll never forget Fred's call of the Cavs and him and AC breaking down after.

  29. Amen. Baseball is history man, we grew up with it. when our parents grew up, there was baseball being played in Cleveland. When their parents were kids, there was baseball in Cleveland. When their parents got off a boat from Ireland, Italy, Poland, whatever, there was baseball being played in Cleveland.

  30. Agree....As much despise and bitterness I have for the Yankees and their fans (as evidenced by my tongue lashings here on the Guardians page) I do hope Cleveland baseball fans show class and tolerate the Yankee fans in attendance for this evening and tomorrow's games.

  31. Somehow I’m still stupidly hoping for someone to reach out to me in the next few hours saying “hey, I’ve got an extra ticket to the game today—I can’t use it, I just want it to go to good use! It’s yours for free!”

  32. hey, I’ve got an extra ticket to the game today—I can’t use it, I just want it to go to good use! It’s yours for free!

  33. Yes we all HATE the Yankees....but here's the thing, are they really as good as they think they think they are??? Personally, I think they can are overrated . Look back to the regular season and how they blew up after having an 18 game lead and then went into a tailspin hanging in to win the A L. East by a nere margin. Arevtge great?? NO!!!! Are they good, YES, however they are very beatable. We saw that in game #2 yesterday. To a man, if they were to be real, they would admit that the Guardians are like a Wildcat.... meaning we play hard to the end, we do all the fundamental things that over the course of a game wears an opponent down. Yes great pitching beats great hitting, bu that's ONLY if you score runs. Our pitching has been lights out all season and it still is lights out. In closing, I want to give props to Shane Bieber for one hell of a gutsy performance in yesterday's game. That was one HELL of an outing!!!! It was gutsey, and damn resiltant. My hats off to Bieb's and the bullpen, who once again was off the charts. It's going to be one hell of an atmosphere at the ballpark this evening. It's October baseball in Cleveland. Let's make it happen again tonight in C-TOWN!!!!

  34. Great game yesterday. For the first time this postseason I felt like we played our game. We worked counts, took BB, put the ball in play and hustled like hell. We made Cortes work his ass off. Hedges with 2 BB!!!

  35. Yesterday was the Cleveland brand of baseball. This team I don’t think is necessarily in trouble, timely hits and bloops need to keep coming the pitching staff has to remain on 🔥🔥. Sticks go out there and DEAL today and the boys/fans will reward you.

  36. Yankees have scored 5 of their 6 runs this series on 3-2 count meatballs hit over the fence. We should try walking them in hitters counts and moving on…oh wait. This will be a weird ump scorecard for sure.

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