[Postgame Thread] Yankees @ Guardians - October 15, 2022

  1. I promised custom flair to anyone who wants one if we walked it off, so please put your request below and I will get to it as soon as I am able 😘

  2. Really impressive what this Guardians team have done this postseason against good teams like the Rays and Yankees. The Guardians just don’t know how to die as a team. It’s like the Guardians have that Zodiac Killer instinct. Keep winning, Guardians. 😂😂😂🍿🍿🍿☀️☀️☀️

  3. Maybe someone should write a story about the 2022 Cavs and Guardians. So much similarities between these two exciting young teams. The story of the 2022 Guardians is getting brighter and brighter by the day. 😂😂😂🍿🍿🍿☀️☀️☀️

  4. I did the Hammy sync tonight. Didn't hear one word of the TV broadcast. So happy I did! This game made me happy cry! I only ever did that when my children were born hahaha

  5. For real fuck Bob Costas! In the most exciting moment of the ALDS Costas has the nerve to be like “ya know, it’s been tough for the Yankees with these injuries.” What a bias and salty bitch.

  6. “The Yankees asking a lot of young players that haven’t been in this situation to get big out” STFU. The Guards are on the other end asking even younger dudes to put up runs.

  7. We literally just walked it off and all they can talk about is how the Yankees can come back, the injuries the Yankees are dealing with, it’s not who you play but when you play them.

  8. Bob Costas is in absolute shambles holy shit what a garbage broadcaster. You just watched an incredible comeback by a young exciting team and all you can do is pile up the excuses for why New York isn't winning these games. Get SpongeBob'd

  9. Jesus Costas is now blaming injuries for the Yankees losing. They were the second coming a couple innings ago.

  10. This mother fucker walking out to SpongeBob goddamn SquarePants and slapping multiple game winning hits. The BALLS of this guy. Un-fucking-believable. Fuck. The. Yankees!!!!!

  11. Astros fans already celebrating that the Yankees lost and are down 1-2. Funny how every teams fans keep celebrating as if they get a free pass by facing Cleveland. Nobody respects this teams ability.

  12. Guys I haven’t had that same feeling of sheer joy since the Rajai Davis homerun. If I die in the middle of the night, I can’t think of a better way to go

  13. Fuck Costas talking about the Yankees being better. Jesus fucking Christ we only went like 24-3 down the stretch. Cleveland gets no fucking love whatsoever

  14. "Yankees played 8 innings of perfect Yankee baseball" despite looking like they were in real trouble after the first 2 innings with Cleveland up 2-0 and knocking on the door for more in both innings. Yankees dominated innings 3-8, luckily Cleveland took it back in the 9th with freaking Eli Morgan on the mound.

  15. OSCAR GONZALEZ IS MY FUCKING HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Hammy throughout the 9th inning......makes me feel things 😊 What a fucking game, what a fucking team!!!!!!! LET'S CLOSE THIS TRASH FROM NY OUT TOMORROW!!!!!!

  16. Just great - now everytime a SpongeBob rerun comes on TV, I'm going to have an awkward erection to explain.

  17. I am just getting home from an event downtown. Didn't get to listen to the game live but got in the car for that 9th inning. Holy fuck do I have thoughts.

  18. The post game highlights on TBS were embarassing. If it werent for the 9th there would have been ZERO Guardians offense shown.

  19. The energy in the stadium after that win was just incredible. All the shitty Yankee fans walking out with their heads down, that was a treat. I’m so hyped I’m not sure when I’ll be able to go to sleep. Can’t wait to win this series tomorrow (actually today now).

  20. The only thing more disgusting than our brand of baseball is Bob still jerking off the yanks after that huge win. Eat a bag of dicks Bob! Fuck yeah Guardiac Kids!!! We’re still doing it in the post season 😍

  21. Mariners fan here! I was following your game while watching ours, rooting for you. I got a little baseballed out after 18 innings and needed a break. Went to check the score expecting to see a Yankees win after they were ahead so long. Delighted to see you won in a walk off. Rooting for you all to take the AL. Sorry we couldn’t see you in the championship. Cheers, and congratulations!

  22. Pulled up ESPN.com in my browser to see if they noticed that incredible improbable win and… no. They have far more content on Judge’s home run than they do on the Yankees blowing a multi run 9th inning lead for the first time in 167 post season opportunities.

  23. I was just lurking in the Yankee Sub and see them crying about how deprived they have been as a franchise for the last 12 years. Also debating whether they should sign Correa next year…It’s like being subjected to a delusional alternate dimension, where spoiled idiots have zero self awareness or gratitude for anything…Did not troll or break any rules, just wanted to share my research

  24. Just want to leave this here in case anyone wants to see Jomboy et al. live streaming the bot 9 Gonzalez AB.

  25. Some classic signs at the end “judge this” and “start spreading the lose”. This was such an amazing ending.

  26. Sox fan here, rooting for you guys all the way. Had a massive smile on my face to see the yankees lose like that. Fuck em and fuck the astros. Guardians for WS

  27. I did not feel good after Naylor struck out. The team was one hit away from blowing it open all night and finally got that extra hit. Pretty crazy they outhit the Yankees by 10 but only won by one.

  28. I am gigging out in Findlay, Tigers country. We were in the middle of playing Style by Taylor Swift when O Gon hit the wall off and the bar went nuts! My bass player is a Yankees fan…let’s just say there was lots of shit talking on the mic after that. Go Guards! What a fucking game!

  29. Alright so my daughter comes up in the bottom of the 9th when it’s 5-3 and slaps a pumpkin sticker on my forehead. Gourdians confirmed? 🎃Rally sticker stays.

  30. For me it’s a clothespin I randomly put on my hat while fidgeting around late in the game Friday. Today I switched it to the other side in the ninth and here we are. Clothespin is real

  31. On ESPN there are only 4 highlight videos, with only 1 being a guardians score. All 3 yankee home runs were highlights but apparently only the walk off was a highlight for us

  32. I swear I just wanted a game where we take an early comfortable lead and coast to the win, but HOLY SPONGEBOB the stress to my heart was worth it.

  33. I've never had my emotions flip flop so rapidly as they did watching this 9th inning. Getting hyped watching the 4th run score and JRam load the bases, only to watch Naylor throw away his at bat swinging at 3 straight breaking balls, and then Oscar fouling off that hanging curve. Then screaming the moment Oscar gets that base hit, love being a fan of this team

  34. Apologies if it's already been posted, but a one-two punch of just how gloriously loud the crowd was from outside the park, and my new favorite Yankees reaction video:

  35. bro i hate illegal streams so much, right before the final pitch the stream started playing highlights from seattle-houston and i missed the hit what the fuck

  36. I lost my voice and twisted my ankle jumping around when SpongeBob hit the walkoff. Ballpark’s energy was unmatched.

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