[Game Thread] ALDS Game 4 - Yankees (1) @ Guardians (2) - October 16, 2022

  1. Hey all you fans of the Cleveland Slap-Hitting Shit Goblins! Tonight is an important game and emotions are high, so this is a reminder that trolling in the Yankees’ sub is a bannable offense here. Likewise, if you see any little lost Yankees-flaired assholes here, please downvote/report/ignore.

  2. The first inning is going to be absolutely huge tomorrow. Get civale out of it unscathed. You don’t want the the Yankees hitting bombs right off the bat like oh, I don’t know, every elimination game we have had this century.

  3. Our pitching is a real advantage tomorrow if our hitters can keep their heads on straight and we don't make errors defensively.

  4. Civale makes me nervous. He will leave fat meatballs over the plate if he’s not 100% on. And this lineups is not the team to do that against,

  5. Gerrit Cole pitched a great game. We couldn’t do anything with the sparks we had. Umps ended up evening out the calls I think but not the momentum. Can’t wait to drink the tears in NY tomorrow.

  6. good news is who the fuck is going to pitch for the yankees tomorrow, bad news is the umps will give them every fucking call

  7. Tell me you haven't paid attention to this season without saying you haven't paid... aww, never mind

  8. After the Guardians spend $150 million on the bottom of their lineup and they flame out of the playoffs 5 years in a row.

  9. Eh. It will be more fun to embarrass them at home with disgusting baseball. All I know is I’ll be listening to Hammy tomorrow at 5 here in Denver

  10. cals useless and i knew he was gonna fucking suck. took him 1 inning to blow the game. we have ONE reliable starter for the rest of the playoffs

  11. What? There’s a whole other game tomorrow. Tailon is starting who BLOWS. We still have a huge chance. Get that negative shit out of here

  12. I hate how the whole series the commentators were hoping to will NY to win. Like come in unbiased commentating would be nice rather than the clear favoritism of “americas team”. Shit is so annoying man like fuck those police ass looking Yankees.

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