[Game Thread] ALDS Game 5 - Guardians (2) @ Yankees (2) - October 17, 2022

  1. What if the icing on the cake to all of this mayhem is Tito again showing his brilliance with Civale throwing a monster win after all of MLB screamed for Bieber to start. I'm crap with predictions, so I am not predicting this, but that's how I hope it goes down.

  2. I hope they sleep well, Our bats really need to come to life tomorrow, we’re not winning this thing with any fewer than 4 runs

  3. If it’s truly Civale vs Taillon I like our chances regardless of the amount of rest the Yankee pen has. I’d rather face Taillon 100% rested than a nasty lefty like Nestor on any amount of days rest. That said, whoever wins is probably fucked game 1 in Houston. I wouldn’t oppose tanking (or hoping Plesac plays out of his mind) game 1 with maybe a Plesac/Cody Morris/low leverage pen guys to set the other pen up for games 2 and 3.

  4. yankee fan coming in peace. just came here trying to find out who’s starting for y’all. Nestor will be starting for us btw. it’s already been announced.

  5. I don’t know what it’s like in the Bronx but I’m 13 miles away and it stopped raining like an hour and a half ago

  6. There’s a whole bunch of comments about the Cube on the Guardians Facebook post about the rescheduled game Five.

  7. Naylor and Judge in the cube, fight to the finish to decide the NLDS. Judge has reach on him but Naylor brings enough psychopath to the table that it won’t matter.

  8. Guardians v. Yankees Game 5 of the ALDS has been forfeited by both teams. By default, The Cube advances to play the Cheaters and assume world domination.

  9. Yankees fan here. I understand your thought process but how does the MLB control the weather? I’m not trying to be a dickhead I just want to understand the full thought here

  10. New rule for tomorrow’s game - the pitchers have to throw cubes. No more baseballs. This is the New Cube Order.

  11. More like they're looking past us and already complaining about how this is unfair for their first game against the Asstros.

  12. 1500+ comments in a game thread for a game that didn't happen, what percentage of them are about The Cube?

  13. I agree, I know it’s short rest but you gotta win. I’d rather face the Astros game 1 with a bullpen game over the Yankees in an elimination game.

  14. I’m happy for the Yankees they are down and out when it comes to money maybe they can use the extra cash from tonight and buy a player or two this offseason. /s <———

  15. bet they sold a lot of beer tonight! scumbags. didnt even prep the field! got my tinfoil on tonight for everything. the fix was in!!!! lol

  16. Agreed. Tonight was a huge advantage for guardians. This postponement was literally the only thing that could’ve happened tonight to take away my optimism. A bullpen game against a not so rested bullpen as opposed to facing a well rested, stud no. 2 is an enormously unfortunate turn of events for what is on the line.

  17. I will come home tomorrow with a win or loss result. Maybe for my own health this is for the best. Fuck the Yankees, fuck MLB, Go Guards, please wreck these cowards.

  18. If the Guardians advance I’m hoping that they can swing that momentum and use against the trashtros

  19. i knwo its rain but mother fuck man. now they get a fresh pen with nestor. fucking coddled franchise. all the money in the world and need a weather miracle to beat a team with 1/6th the payroll. eat shit yankees you cowards.

  20. We confirmed that in 1988 and 1995 and 1997 and 2016.......I think he just took a nap the day Cavs won that championship in 2016.

  21. If Cleveland can pull out a win, they'll probably have Bieber and McKenzie ready for games 1-2 and unless they go crazy giving Clase and Stephan 2+ innings each, they're probably available after having not pitched for a couple days.

  22. I’m on the west coast and work until 6 PT, so no game for me! Didn’t have to work today, so it was perfect. This fucked it all up and I’m being a little pissy pants about it because, well, I’m pissed…

  23. So the cool thing is that they get Cole and Cortes twice apiece…and us? Well, we get Bieber and McKenzie once each. Fair!

  24. True, but when our offense is averaging like 2-3 run/game this postseason and they have a well rested, solid number 2 going, it might not matter. The fact their bullpen is trash was going to be the enormous advantage tonight, prob not nearly as much tomorrow.

  25. That's what I've been thinking. They might be a bit more rested, but they still aren't as good as our bullpen lol

  26. How do you not move the game up knowing the ALCS starts on Wednesday? How do we get one update in 2 1/2 hours? This is game 5 of the ALDS for Christ’s sake.

  27. Imagine getting to the stadium today at 5:30. You want to walk around the park a bit. Get some food before the actual game starts. Get some beers.

  28. Not moving games around I can kiiiiind of excuse just because the logistics of it seem difficult. But not giving any sort of updates to fans that were sitting in the rain in that stadium for hours? That's just wild. What an unprofessional organization.

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