7 Days...That's All That's Left till 0 DAY OF COACHELLA 2022! Get your last minute questions in now as we get closer to a tradition unlike any other. Welcome to the OFFICIAL NO QUESTION IS A STUPID QUESTION THREAD

  1. I think even the people complaining here about the lineup and other issues in general are gonna forget about that stuff the moment they walk on those fields. I am PUMPED regardless of who is playing. It's been too long.

  2. Should I bring my dad to Coachella 🤔 I think he would only be able to go for a day but could be worth it with how cheap tickets are

  3. I brought my dad one year, it was super special. I was so happy to spend some time with him on the fields and he still lights up talking about it

  4. Has anyone here been watching the Dropout on Hulu? I learned the other day the actor that plays Tyler (the whistleblower in the show) is in the band Wallows playing this year. Totally random but kind of cool fun fact haha.

  5. A stage off in a corner put on by the DoLab people. There was a separate lineup announcement and they bring secret special guests to close the stage every night. Look at previous maps to see where it is.

  6. Target has a great deal on a 10 x 10 straight leg canopy with a shade wall for weekend 2 goers who can wait for shipping. Reviews say it’s easy to set up alone. Not sure how long the sale goes on:

  7. I’m curious about getting camping passes from will call too, if that’s even possible. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Depends on when you want to leave/arrive but I would say generally shuttling gets you in/out quicker. The line to leave after or even during the headliner can be nuts for ubers. I would say it takes about 15-20 minutes to get from the fest the shuttles. Wait another 15 ish to get on then depending on how far you are staying probably another 15-30 minute shuttle ride. Vs an uber where you walk about 15-20 and could be waiting in traffic for 30-1hr and still not at your hotel and or airbnb. Shuttles have dedicated entry/exit so you aren't just sitting in traffic. Done both and I recommend the shuttle. Plus, shuttle rides can be fun if you get a good bus or have a solid group. I have had some crazy 30 minute rides where people are drinking, playing music etc the whole time...adds to the experience IMO.

  9. i say shuttles. ubers at the end of the night get kinda wild. and depending where your Airbnb is, it might actually be further due to the route the uber takes to leave the fest.

  10. In my experience it's always been easy (and cheap) ubering into the festival. But leaving the festival is a different animal. One time we waited 2 hours in our uber just trying to leave the grounds due to all the traffic. Shuttles have their own route out. So I would say definitely take the shuttle leaving!

  11. I might recommend Uber/Lyft on the way in, shuttle on the way out. Drop off lines don't tend to be long, it's the pickup afterward that can suck

  12. I always bring in a long/wide scarf that’s wrapped around my waist or hanging on my Fanny pack most of the day. I use that to sit on and then also as a scarf when it gets a little colder at night.

  13. Thank god for this no question is a stupid question thread 🙏🏼 I’m genuinely curious… are we allowed to walk around in our underwear 😌

  14. Unsarcastic question: Do the festival gates open at 11 a.m. Friday? (Oddly, this is not posted. "What time does the festival end?" is listed on the FAQs.

  15. That's the posted time, but there have been several moments in past years when they did not open on time, just FYI.

  16. Will the set times for the smaller stages like the Heineken house, be revealed at the same time? I really want to see flylo and thundercat and want to know if it’ll conflict with anything else

  17. Yes they will. Have seen Fly Lo and Thundercat separately at Coachella and they were both fan-fucking-tastic. Very jealous of this set! Have fun!

  18. Wander in to a tent/set that you had no intention of seeing because you were walking by and it sounded good/looked like a party --> Then STAY and have a blast and then walk out 30 minutes later and say "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?" --> Instantly follow on Spotify.

  19. wrap them in plastic wrap and put them in ur crotch before you go through security. DO NOT forget about them because you'll end up with sticky balls (speaking from personal experience)

  20. I’m gonna give you some advice from past experience to avoid the gummies or never let them leave your cooler. I brought gummies once and they were a blob of melted goo after the first day. Made for an interesting game of nibble roulette lol

  21. So with the will call you have to show them the card you used to purchase the tickets with right? What do you do if you purchased the tickets two years ago and the credit card number has changed over that time? (Same bank and everything just upgraded credit and different number)

  22. Alright I finally got a reply from one of the customer service reps and they basically told me that the all you need is your confirmation email and a government issued ID. The credit card requirement isn't really getting enforced due the postponement of the event.

  23. I’m sure they’re going to have to make exceptions this year, so if I were you I would just print out as much info as possible. Like the original email from when you purchased, your ID, current debit card from same bank account and maybe even a bank statement from when you purchased. It’s probably overkill but having as much proof as possible will make things go faster

  24. just bring statements i guess. print that statement from back then, bring new card and identification. i think ID is what the person asked me before but can't be too safe.

  25. Are we allowed to bring in stick deodorants and sunscreens onto the fields? I can't remember if mine were confiscated in 2019.

  26. Cell service has gotten a lot better over the years! It shouldn’t be too bad, although there can be delays in sending/receiving texts. Best way to do it is calling people, second best is time stamping texts. For example: “Back left of Mojave, 7:45pm”. You’ll be totally fine finding your friends. Have fun and happy first Coachella! First one is magical!

  27. First Coachella (hopefully, wristbands haven’t arrived yet from Ticketmaster). I’m car camping with my 12 year old. We’re experienced desert campers and she’s watched Euphoria so I think we have our eyes open to the challenges and parties 😜.

  28. Crowds swell for sure. I know I’ve held my wife’s hand while traveling through the crowd…will it be crazy enough that you two will be pulled in different directions and get super separated? Not at all, but just do your best to keep a hand on one another. Also, the fields are fairly well lit even at night, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

  29. Do you need a bracelet to get in to camp? I’ll be picking up tickets for my friend that will arrive Thursday afternoon (I’ll be already set in my camp). Can she just go in to camp without a bracelet or should I go out to give the bracelet to her so she can come in?

  30. The allowed/not allowed lists mods and liquid refills for vapes as not allowed but that vape pens are allowed. Does that mean non-refillable weed pens are allowed (like stiizy)? I’m assuming no but wanted to ask the sub. Thanks and can’t wait for next week!

  31. There’s usually a thread here where people are waiting until the gates open, usually between 4-6am and then it’s a long ass line until maybe around 2pm. It’s even more hectic now that half of Lot 8 is saved for perferred car camping.

  32. does coachella offer a cashless option? i hate bringing my physical cards to festivals but i did not see any option to add a credit card to sync w my wristband...

  33. We don’t know yet, but best guess is they’ll play 1 set - probably some solo SHM, then some songs together, then just some Weeknd. Or something to that effect. It may become more clear once set times are released in about 5 days.

  34. Anyone have any experience picking up a car camping companion pass from willcall on day 0? wont be in the area till after 5pm

  35. Anyone have experience bringing a bike? I have room this year in my truck because of a new rack, but I've never brought a bike before. Did you use it biking around the campground, or to the entrance? Or is it pointless to bring?

  36. Yes bikes are the best idea!!!! I rode mine everywhere!!, giving people rides on shrooms was hilarious!!! Just bring a lock and throw a milk crate on that sukka .

  37. do we think shuttle pass prices will drop on stubhub? i remember 2019 they dropped to like 15 bucks but they're currently SO high still so i'm 👀 (also if anyone has 2 w1 shuttle passes hanging around... lmk lol)

  38. Someone responded to me elsewhere that because Indio cracked down on airbnbs more people are staying further away - meaning more people taking the shuttles.

  39. Will it be a complete shit show leaving the fest if I have a friend picking me up? Don’t wanna make them wait in traffic forever, but it’s cheaper than Uber or purchasing a shuttle pass

  40. Probably…would be better to get a shuttle pass and go to the stop closest to them and have them swoop you from there.

  41. Is there any place inside to buy and consume a bottle of champagne? Our group would like to toast our reunion (we live across the country from each other), surviving (for now) the plague, three years away from our favorite place/favorite weekend, and be thankful. (A Champagne bottle takes 3 minutes to drink. Not looking to post up like a Cabana at Encore Beach Club.)

  42. Are there any ways anyone has done to get past the in person ID check requirement at will call? Like will Face Timing the original purchaser work or having them mail their card?

  43. Given the shitshow that was ticket distribution this year, I imagine they’re going to have to be somewhat lenient this year. I’d say try to get a photo of the purchaser’s ID and have them on standby in case they need to talk to them.

  44. Yes! From the website: “All cooking appliance must utilize propane as the fuel source. No wood, charcoal or flammable/combustible liquid cooking appliances will be permitted.”

  45. Christ, I thought it was 2 weeks from now, but it's next weekend. I am not prepared.. where do yall get your men's festival gear? Looking for some cool short sleeve buttons ups and such. Definitely wearing joggers for comfort lol

  46. I need help. I bought weekend 2 shuttle passes direct from Coachella. Just sold them at a discount on stubhub because I’m not going to weekend 2. Well I open the package to include the shipping slip and it turns out Coachella sent me weekend 1 shuttle passes. But I owe someone weekend 2 shuttle passes. What do I do?

  47. Traffic dies down Thursday afternoon. I would try to get there between 11-1 if you can. I've never arrived on Friday so I don't know if that's a better route.

  48. Just making sure before I make the long road trip from Seattle, I don't need to activate my camping pass, right?

  49. So you need to go outside, and hold it above your head…wait till you hear a loud beep and feel a warm sensation running down your arm. From there, do 4 360° spins yelling ACTIVATE CAMPING PASS…that should do the trick.

  50. How's traffic coming from the east? I only ever read about the traffic to/from LA, but I'll be driving from Phoenix. I plan on leaving early Thursday morning

  51. I’ve always left Phoenix Wednesday night at midnight and I’ve had friends That have left Thursday morning and there’s little to no traffic. I’m leaving around 11am on Thursday and expect some traffic leaving Phoenix cause they’re expanding the I10 out by Avondale and went to Cali a couple weeks ago but it wasn’t to bad. But it will be smooth sailing all the way to Indio after that.

  52. pushing the limits of no stupid questions here but: on the website it says "NO CHAINS", I assume this means like wallet chains and not chain necklaces right?

  53. How strict are the pat downs? What’s the relative risk of trying to smuggle in 1. Cannabis Vape cartridges / joints / gummies 2. Booze (say in a plastic water bottle strategically placed in the crotch area? )

  54. I have a question regarding Lake ElDorado camping. I bought a Weekend 2 Lake Eldorado 4-person tent with GA wristbands. Plans have changed and I’m looking to sell the 4 and buy 2 VIP tickets but still plan to keep the camping.

  55. When do they release the blurred out names on the do lab lineup? Those are different from the special guests right?

  56. I think we’re gonna get those blurred names with the set times, and the set times will have spots for surprise guests that aren’t listed at all.

  57. SG Lewis, Sofi Tukker, and LP Giobbi. I saw it in another thread that said the info was from a reliable source from inforoo or something. These are not the special guests for each weekend though. Special guests will randomly come on and people will be notified through their phone. So you don't know until they're actually about to start or starting.

  58. Escape van says I need to return it by 10:30 on Monday lol. I emailed their support, but does anyone know how they usually handle these requests?

  59. I’m returning mine on Tuesday instead since there’s no way that’s happening on Monday lol. It was a really marginal price difference. But I live in the area-ish, are you flying out before then?

  60. I want to take acid on Friday and on Saturday, if you take acid before what's the dosage i should do? I'm aware that the second day you have to take more acid than the previous.

  61. Dilute dilute and go light then up from there. Festivals are not the best environment for a full trip. 1/3 a tab doses Friday and half tab doses Saturday at most. Enjoy.

  62. What is the car camping check-in like? Do they go threw the whole car and ID each person? I don’t have anything on me, just a sister who is 17 and the website says you need to be their legal gaurdian.

  63. I don’t recall being ID’d? I could be wrong tho but I’ve camped 5 times…the only time I’ve had my entire car and bags gone thru was when they found something suspicious, other than that it’s usually relatively quick and easy..at least in my experience

  64. generally speaking it's easy but they do occasional deep dives where they do take everything out... speaking from experience. they went through my car for 15 minutes while my group went off to our site. but that was once in ten years. just make sure you don't have glass, metal tent stakes, excessive alcohol, etc.

  65. So I returned my tickets sometime back and I got an email from Coachella saying I'll be refunded and tickets no longer valid.

  66. When you get the shipment, if the wristband barcodes successfully register on the Coachella app, they are real and usable

  67. I know the rules for car camping or either boxed wine or a case of canned alcohol, I wonder if they'll allow a bottle of hard liquor if it's in a plastic bottle instead of a glass bottle?

  68. Will weekend 2 schedules look similar to weekend 1 schedules? Just curious if I can start some general planning on which stage to attend once weekend 1 schedule drops even though I'm weekend 2.

  69. for Shuttle Pass users, I was reading that Indian Wells Tennis Courts has a shuttle pass but doesn't allow people to park there. Any tips and/or tricks to get around that?

  70. For those who have done a hotel package before...do they eventually give you a confirmation number for the actual hotel reservation? So far I haven't received everything and we arrive in 1 week :)

  71. this is my first time doing the hotel package too, I’ve only received an email regarding important details about the hotel’s address, check-in times, wristband pickup times, shuttle info etc on monday

  72. This is my first time doing a travel package. We’re checking in Thursday. Will they have the tickets when we check in? Or do we have to wait till Friday? I want to go to campground party Thursday…

  73. Is there a thread where folks are trying to hook up carpools? I've got a suitcase, a guitar, and a winning attitude. I'm hoping to snag a ride to the valley on Wednesday, coming from LA (Pasadena, but happy to meet you anywhere in the LA area). I'll pitch in for gas of course!

  74. Is it worth it to bring a fan for our campsite? We're sleeping in the car and have small fans for when we're inside but I would imagine it's usually windy and fans wouldn't do much while outside.

  75. Battery powered fans are clutch for the tent/car you’re sleeping in. It gets HOT starting at like 6am lol. You might get an extra 30-60 mins of sleep with a fan, which adds up!

  76. Hey y’all I’m potentially going to buy a ticket from someone who lives in Canada, I live here in California. They said that they could send a ticket with the wristband and everything through FedEx and that I can go to the FedEx store and pay for the tickets there so that we’re both protected. Do you have any tips for me to make sure that the tickets are legit and not a scam?

  77. hmmmmm. definitely do it by paypal goods and services. which protects you more. or you can buy from stubhub for almost a 100% guarantee.

  78. I’m meeting someone to buy their shuttle passes on Day 0. If that falls through, do you think I’ll be able to snag two on that short notice? Looks like they are already selling for over face value for W1.

  79. I bought my companion pass online for weekend 2 on 3/10 and it’s still awaiting fulfillment. How screwed am I? I’m planning on arriving Friday after Will Call closes and staying with family on the camp grounds who will be there since Thursday. Shipping is going to SoCal.

  80. yeah if you arrive after will call closes then you can't park on site since you don't have a pass... considering it's weekend 2 maybe they'll still ship out in time. you might be screwed until saturday 9am.

  81. i honestly think people will be giving these away closer to fest time tbh... check the facebook group(s)

  82. Anyone else buying from Ticketmaster and has yet to receive their weekend 1 wristbands? Not even a shipping confirmation yet, how worried should I be? Literally shaking at how bad Ticketmaster customer service is.

  83. First timer, flying in and wont get to the site until around 2pm Friday. We are car camping, does anyone have an idea of how long lines should be to get in the camping site? I'd image we be last group of people getting in, how long is the walk to the entrance from the back of the camping site?

  84. 2pm friday, i doubt there’ll be any line at all. from the back is about a 20-25 minute walk. perfect opportunity for a walking beer.

  85. Okay yall, I am finally ordering all my stuff on amazon for camping today (well most of it since I want to see how much I can actually pack with me and worry about getting the rest of it from like an Amazon locker or something, and I am attending W2.) I plan on sleeping in my rental car. Even though I am trying to figure out the logistics of my canopy (that I still don't know which one exactly since I am going to order it ahead at a target and pick it up when I arrive since I am flying and I am praying the one I have my eyes on is still available after W1)I think I will position it at the end/back side of my car instead of over my car for shade. I think right now I am going to try to get window covers for my car since I have tried to figure out the whole tarp and bungee cord thing and it just confuses me logistically. Currently I am planning on getting a fan to keep in my car to at least allow air to circulate, but also to cool me off when it gets hot in the car so I don't have to run the car for a long time for AC. the fan that I am looking at (which can also operate as a power bank thats why I like it) is a little handheld one that says can attach on to a stroller or something. Should I get one or two? would the air it "blows" on me be warm air or at least be a bit cooler? Thanks! Sorry if this sounds like a dumb and way to complicated question, just want to see how previous car campers operated their set up inside their car

  86. I often sleep in my car. You got a good plan going. I will say that I normally wake up at 6am feeling like a baked potato. I usually roll out of the car and then sleep under my canopy on the ground until that also gets too hot but it usually buys me a couple hours. I accept the dust and dirt of it all, unplug my battery so the car doesn’t die and keep the trunk open for airflow

  87. I had a friend sell me a shuttle pass only it says 2020 on it. He told me that you can still use the 2020 shuttle passes since it got cancelled but it seems a bit weird to me. Has anyone else heard about this?

  88. If I am car camping and get there around noon on Friday how long will the line be? First time at Coachella and first time camping so extremely new to this process! Anything helps!

  89. Okay for my smokers in here - do you have any good non-nicotine and non-weed based vapes you recommend (e.g CBD)? I get to a certain state of fucked up where it’s just compulsive and taking down that much nicotine fucks me up.

  90. Hitch cargo carrier?? 1st time trying to take one of these. 1 person said they’ve taken them. Making sure I’ll be good. Thanks!

  91. So I just got shuttle passes for weekend 2 from the official website. In the confirmation email and on the confirmation screen it says we need to pick them up at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden Will Call. (so much for QR Code??).

  92. Suppose one just really loves the taste of chocolate, and wants his favorite chocolate bars with him at the festival. You know… in case you get hungry. Any advice on how to walk that one through security? Going VIP if that helps since apparently they’re a bit more lenient about “bringing food” into the festival.

  93. Dude that Chocolate is going to liquify almost immediately in the desert! I’d recommend your favorite gummy or in its pure form instead 😉

  94. put the chocolate bars inside a non-metal/fully plastic insulated/vacuum sealed thermos or food/soup container? (to avoid metal detector going off)?

  95. How bad is the traffic on Thursday morning around 8/9 and more importantly early Monday morning? I have a 10:20am flight so planning on leaving at the latest 4am.

  96. Don't take it til the sun goes down. More people will be using the first couple nights, so if you want to vibe with the crowd, keep that in mind. I time stuff like that to go with my most hyped sets or favorite artists.

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