Last minute spontaneous Coachella trip!! What about VIP makes it a better experience? Or is GA about the same? About to flip a coin haha

  1. I get VIP every year . I like it. Shorter entrance lines , shorter lines for food , drinks , merch. Nice restrooms. Older crowd in general. Places to chill. I do watch a lot of main stage acts so I love to be able to have my drink, space to spread out and catch a show. That being said if I was trying to budget I wouldn’t bother getting it.

  2. TBH I’d say one of the main selling points for me is being able to have a drink in hand while at the main stage or in the Rose Garden viewing area. I hate having to waste time sitting in a beer garden, especially when you’re with a slow drinker haha if I have to get a drink outside of VIP I slam that shit down and I’m out of there

  3. When I first started going, we got VIP for the increased food options, since I have Celiac disease (gluten intolerance). Last time, so many GA food stalls had gluten-free options (or were entirely gluten-free) that we’re not bothering with VIP this year.

  4. It has better bathrooms, food, and shaded seating. The VIP beer garden is closer to the main stage and better exit/entrance locations. That’s about it. If you have money to burn or made of money, go for it.

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