is code geass underrated?

  1. Yes and no, it is less popular with newer anime fans but if you look at when it released and several years after it was one of the most highly rated series out there.

  2. That's the problem young weebs must know about this series, about the story , the mechas , plot, characters , cc ass all of them are great . I wish more people get to know about the great cg has to offer

  3. Judging from how popular it is for series which ended over a decade ago, I don't think it's underrated. It's still highly rated everywhere I've seen. It's popularity dipped but Ressurection sure helped boosting that ig. They need to release more worldwide content for new people to join the franchise

  4. I mean, international? Yes. But in Japan it was actually popular. Don't forget this anime is old, and it started as a TV series so it's not surprising that it's kinda underrated.

  5. Code Geass is excellent in my opinion. The things that really cemented it as a great anime for me were: Euphy's slaughter of the Japanese, FLEIJA detonation, Lelouch and Suzako's relationship, and the ending.

  6. It's mainly the idiot normies that read CBR that dismiss CG. It's still quite popular, there are new projects and spinoffs still being made. plus a ton of new merch regularly made and sold.

  7. Maybe underappreciated is a better word, since it is quite old and may not be popular among new anime fans but not underrated bc it certainly is rated very highly and pretty critically acclaimed most of the time.

  8. I think it’s the most complete anime ever and it’s on my short list of anime masterpieces. I also think it has the second greatest ending scene behind Bebop

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