I just need to vent - It Ends with Us - Spoilers ahead

  1. I think what Hoover did really well in this book was create that inner conflict most women of DV feel, they see the good side of the abuser and can’t just switch off the love they have for them - which is exactly what Lily felt (and now you/us as the reader) but we can’t just gloss over abuse and hope for the best for Ryle. He got exactly what he deserves by ever putting hands on Lily hence deserves no sympathy.

  2. I feel you!!! That book broke my heart and I refuse to read it again lol I was torn up for days. I was so sad about what could have been and wanted Ryle to change!

  3. I read this book today and cried for good couple of hours after that. At some point I wasn’t even sure for whom I was crying for. Maybe all the experience each of them had to live throughout the book. This book has left me heart broken.

  4. Yes exactly, each character went through something personally that just made feel for each of them in a different way. Days later and I’m still torn up about it, need october to be here now!!!!

  5. I think this breakup was necessary though. Ryle needed to lose her to actually work on himself because as we saw no matter how many chances she gave him, he kept being abusive Oh and I looooove Atlas so much. Apparently the next book will be from his perspective. I just want to skip forward to October 😂

  6. October can’t come soon enough. I hope this book makes me love atlas even more and destroy whatever feelings I have for Ryle. I’m starting to feel toxic for how I wish him well.

  7. 41yr old Male here. Read the book as part of a wine and read book club I do with my wife. I had no expectations going into this and therefore, did so with a complete open mind. I love to read and probably consume 5-6 books a month on average. All genres. I feel like I have to defend myself for my opinion of this book, which I did finish. I read this months ago and have allowed my feelings toward it to settle, but they haven’t changed.

  8. I disagree that Lily was just a victim in the end. I think you hurt for both of them and are so sad about the loss of the relationship despite knowing it was right for both of them. I do think she could have done better to show some progression in Ryle, but perhaps that was to illustrate how blind siding it can be for the partner? It doesn't seem like Alyssa was all that surprised about her brother's actions. Regardless, the first and even second time, there was still a possibility of redemption for Ryle, but the fact that by the third time, he was fully aware of what he was capable of and had not taken any sort of action to prevent that. By that point, Lily was all in, she wasn't on the fence about her relationship with Ryle but because she had kept some relics from the past and her ex still pined over her he lost it? He didn't only lose it in a moment of rage, he chose to be angry, to jump to conclusions and hurt her for what he believed to be true. It's a losing battle for her to try and get rid of all the things in their lives/her life that could misconstrued as her straying or having feelings for another man so that he won't be triggered.

  9. As much as I want to argue, I sort of agree… I’ve had a week or so to really digest what I’ve read and wouldn’t go as far to say I hated it, BUT man do I agree that Ryle was burned at the stake. You’re right his character really flipped without much warning; however, that’s how to happens in life too, people don’t always show their true colors at first and then BAM they show the ugly truth. His ugly truth stems from trauma, which makes me really feel for him, I feel as if Ryle just deserved more. maybe more of a back story, When the anger started, some details about his time in therapy? we really didn’t receive much. Moving on… It’s hard to flip the script because his abuse was really the driving factor of the book. You can’t focus on someone’s good attributes and disregard their dark side. Do I agree with Lilys secrets/lies? No. But even if she went on and cheated with Atlas, Ryle still had no right to touch her. Both Ryle and Lily were victims in different ways. All in all they just weren’t meant to be. Thanks for the comment, really enjoyed your insight

  10. I’m not gonna say that I hated it because I really enjoined the book. But instead of thinking that Ryle was burnt alive by the author, I would say the real issue is a lack of development of the character. The violent episodes came out of nowhere but in reality, physical violence is only a part of an abuser's personality. The profile of Ryle is more the one of a person with some kind of PTSD.

  11. 100% with the lack of development.. went from 1 to 100. I would have taken him back too, at least one more chance but FUCK did I love how Lily spoke to Emerson and said that it’s time to break the cycle, it ends with us. This book brought out so many feelings in me, unreal

  12. Eh, we see wealthy people all the time spend time with charities to satisfy their own personal fulfillments. I think too, her love for sister in law and bff Lilly motivated her to stay. If it was some random person perhaps it wouldn’t be as realistic.

  13. I’m currently on vacation and bought this book for the trip. I finished it last night and cannot stop thinking about it. Everything from first loves, intense loves, abusive loves. I cried so hard at the end - (which I felt was done perfectly.) I loved Ryle so much at the beginning, but was so glad she chose Atlas, her first love, in the end.

  14. Am I the only one who wishes she would’ve turned Ryle into the police? I totally get where Colleen Hoover was going and her overall point, that it’s complicated and domestic abuse is not always black and white.

  15. I loved and hated this book. As stated above the character development seem too short. There is something about atlas that doesn’t sit well with me. If I were lily I would’ve stayed and went to therapy to a psychiatrist so he can express and work out his feelings about what happened to him when he was younger. Idk but this book got me all in my feelings loo

  16. I can’t stop thinking about this book. It’s like I’m grieving. I’m almost mourning the relationship between Lilly and Ryle, and I have no idea why. The rational side of me knows that domestic violence is a very serious topic and that no woman should put up with any sort of violent or manipulative behavior. I saw OP mention in another comment that this thought process is starting to make them feel toxic, and I absolutely know what they mean. It’s absolutely toxic to root for a character who has no right to try for redemption. Some things are just unforgivable, yet here I am. I can’t understand my brain!!

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