An open discussion of Reminders of Him

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I didn’t mind the romance, but I was so much less interested in their relationship storyline than Kenna and her pursuit to meet her daughter. I kept hoping for a storyline of her going to court, or just anything that had to do with her fighting for her kid. I loved the ending and how Patrick and Grace ended up forgiving Kenna through reading that letter, but wish the moments and story lines leading up to that moment were different.

  2. I just finished this book, literally 5 minutes ago and it’s taken me the longest to read because I struggled to get through it. It was boring to me and repetitive but I’m glad I pushed through cause the ending was so good! But out of the 5 coho books I’ve read in the last 10 days it’s probably my least favorite.

  3. It’s one of the books that is just a no for me. Like I get that Kenna made a mistake, but in my opinion it is an unforgivable one. If she had just driven under the substance then it would be understandable. However, she did like a million things while her boyfriend was still alive. It’s pretty respectable the fact that Patrick and Grace don’t want to forgive her and I don’t think anyone should push them to do so. I also find it super disturbing the part where Ledger fell in love with his friend's ex girlfriend and practically took his place. Sure, at first he didn’t know but still, I’m supposed to believe that he fell in love with her like in a week up to a point that there’s no turning back. I just didn’t find the appeal at all I didn’t like neither of the protagonists. :( huge disappointment

  4. I'm really struggling with this for the same reason! I just can't feel empathy for Kenna, she didn't just drive under the influence but left him to die.. I feel Patrick and Grace are well within their rights to never forgive her! I can regularly finish CoHo books in a day but this one has taken ages as I found it was making me wish Kenna would just go back to Denver!

  5. I totally agree! I personally loved the overall story but i wished there was more development on Diem and Kenna’s story not Kenna and Ledger only. When i first started reading it i thought i’ll read more about the mother / daughter bound than the new love story. But overall it was a book i really enjoyed reading

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