Ducks Bucks Game

  1. You will be fine. As long as you don’t instigate anything you have nothing to worry about other than the possible “fuck Oregon” here and there.

  2. Hey man - OSU grad here and huge Buckeye fan, and just wanted to add my two cents because I’ve gone to a ton of home and away games.

  3. To your second point, it’s all a matter of who you’re a fan of. I’m a central PA transplant, attended Penn State now living in Columbus. Love the city, but have had horrible experiences at the shoe. I think you hear and get good and bad things in any stadium atmosphere. Us Nittany lion fans also might be a little bitter at our performance against OSU, lol!

  4. I've been going to OSU games for longer than I'd like to admit. The only time I ever saw any real harassment was a game vs U Miami. Some drunk guy was yelling at a nice couple who'd come in for the game. But I also saw multiple people report him to security, and the entire section cheer when he was removed from the game and banned for life (according to the cop I talked to afterward).

  5. Good luck, OSU fans are one of the worst fan bases in all of sports and if you are a fan of the opposing team they can be pretty nasty. Bring on the down votes but I thought fair warning was appropriate.

  6. Or we can be the most gracious of hosts to people who are cool and dont walk into a tailgate immediately talking shit despite not being relevant for 20+ years. I've had amazing times with new people of the opposing team but they were equally friendly.

  7. You’re not wrong. I love all things tOSU, but we are not Nebraska fans. Most bases have some really shit fans, but ours has an outsized proportion of these assholes. I promise we have sone good ones too though!

  8. So i'm going to get spit on??! :( i hope people are nice considering its not like we are a big threat or a rival. still, all the comments are kind of worrisome to me.

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