Where can I get good wings in this town?

  1. Great food, but the owner seems like an insufferable boss who has no issues complaining about his employees on Facebook. Reminds me of Mr. Hummus.

  2. former prep cook for them, clean business for the most part, seasoning is great and owner is even better, also a family and asian owned business if that's something you look for in a restaurant!

  3. Chapman’s had the best wings I’ve had in the city. For more of a traditional style, Wings Over/Atlas Tavern are good.

  4. Solid recommendations. Press grill is a gem. Barleys smoked wings are tasty. The only one I would add to this good list is Roadhouse. Seek out their house sauce.

  5. Came here to suggest Barley's. I use to work there and those wings are so legit I still think about them. The sauces are mostly made in house too. Wish I still lived downtown. I've been craving Barley's all pandemic.

  6. I ate Press Wings for the first time in 2019 and I remember thinking “I like these, I should come back” and then covid + it’s on the opposite side of town. But OP really should check out Barley’s. They’re grilled instead of deep fried, and they’re very good. Probably my favorite wings in town, but if someone is a fried wings purist I would understand them preferring another place (but at least still liking Barley’s wings!).

  7. Road house or wings and rings. I personally love roosters wings but these two sound like what you’re looking for

  8. what roosters you go to? Try JT's pizza on 161. Their hot sauce is actually hot and not just mild like most places.

  9. Seconded ohio pizza and brew! The sweaty neck sauce is a great buffalo option and the lemon pepper rub is unmatched in cbus IMHO.

  10. I personally prefer Ohio pizza and brew and Quaker Steak. Quaker has the best sauce and Ohio pizza and brew has the best Chicken

  11. Take this with a grain of salt because I don't personally eat wings. But all my friends rave about Wings Over Columbus and get them all the time.

  12. I agree with you about Roosters and how they typically serve them, however, if you order them naked and extra wet they are a million times better. I personally don't like breaded wings.

  13. Seconding City Tavern. They have surprisingly good bar food all around and their wings have always tasted fresh and had a great crisp.

  14. Ohio Pizza and Brew has good wings for a pizza place. Big fan of their pizza and Grippo’s fries. Atlas Tavern in the Polaris area usually has good wings but their sauce choices seem to keep getting smaller and smaller. (Used to be a Wings Over).

  15. OH Pizza and Brew is also pretty consistent with serving their wings extra wet. They are not swimming in sauce by any means but there is always plenty of extra sauce in the bottom of the container to sauce up your wing. If I can just figure out how to order the Awesome Sauce with a little more heat...

  16. Also the trick for Roosters besides ordering them naked, make sure to tell them you want the wings extra crispy. If you don’t they are just very rubbery. For some reason I really like Roosters Sauce. It’s great. Nothing beats Anchor Bar in Buffalo. Abs Duffs is great as well. But then we’re not in Buffalo so we will make do.

  17. Not far from Columbus in Canal Winchester we have Silho's restaurant. Crunchy, not breaded with a variety of delicious sauces. I love their Nashville hot. And their Bourbon Sriracha.

  18. A little worried to even suggest a place due to the "oversized" comment about roosters. I mean, they are one of the only places that clearly serves real sized wings that were simply halved.

  19. Thanks for the advice. I misunderstood what naked meant. I thought it meant no sauce. Next time I’m at a Roosters (cause i do like a lot of their other food), ill get them without the breading. I usually get 10. So, by the time I’m at the lower layer of wings they’re all soggy and I hate the texture.

  20. Dos Hermonos food truck, I see it on Uber sometimes and they are legit some of the best wings I've ever had and they are from a food truck lol.

  21. My favorite wings in Columbus are the salt and pepper wings from meshikou on bethel. They have great Ramen, but the wings are a true hidden gem

  22. I've had the same issue with wings so I make my own. I deep fry in peanut oil,then remove from pot. Using another pot dump the wings in add Frank's hot sauce and butter for buffalo style wings. Also try krogers frozen breaded chicken wings. Bake about 8 min over max cooking time. This results in crispy wings but not over cooked. Also flip them at halfway point. If you like buffalo style add Frank's Hot sauce and butter,but I prefer no hot sauce on this method

  23. Depending where you live and how far you are willing to drive I have heard Squeeks in Pickerington is suppose to have really good wings.

  24. Not that I don’t agree, and maybe I’m being whooosb here, but his first sentence is literally “roosters wings gross me out”.

  25. My fav boneless wings are from Roosters. Surprised this person doesn’t like Roosters much cause they are my fav place for wings out of any.

  26. Honestly wingstop has my favorite wings. I wouldn’t say they’re super crispy but I’ve never had them extra done, which is an option. They’re normal sized and always fried to order.

  27. Came here to say this. Local places mentioned are great so go with those first but Wingstop delivers and is all over the city. The ranch is awesome.

  28. BW3 hasn’t been good since the early 90s, Roosters was never good, Quaker has not been good for a long time either that’s what happens with chains

  29. Roosters best wings in Columbus. Soggy sounds like you are getting take out. Need to sit in the restaurant for full experience.

  30. Pastimes are my favorite in Columbus. The Raspberry Jalepeno are perfect. Rotating montly flavors that are super experimental, German beer cheese and saurkraut for example.

  31. Woody's has perfectly fried crisp but tender in the inside wings with excellent sauces. I don't go there often because it's opposite side of town. I typically go to Planks in Grove City. Their baked wings are next level!

  32. Not sure why the downvotes? Donatos are small, but still excellent. The wings at Pies and Pints are the best thing on their menu.

  33. I found Matt the Miller's Tavern has very good wings, made to order as well (reg fried or extra crispy). Only offers three flavors, Buffalo, BBQ, and Thai chili.

  34. I’m going to get laughed at but Try Marshalls in grandview! The place is so odd but their wings are super good! As a bonus one wing is a flapper and a drum my combined!

  35. Wings & Rings in Reynoldsberg. Also their black & blue burger and the harvest salad are amazing. Huge salad with delicious chicken breast, cranberries, feta, apple slices, and walnut

  36. Do you have a smokey bones near you? Not the crispy wings you were looking for but their smoked wings are some of the best I've had. They have a decent sauce selection too

  37. Are we all trying to keep Eight and Sand a secret? I've had a lot of the places listed, and their wings basically exist in a different universe from anything mentioned here.

  38. If you’re looking for takeout wings Chikin beside Meishikou is really good, a bit different than your usual wing place but definitely worth a try!

  39. I have really, really enjoyed the wings I have gotten from Tiger and Lilly downtown. They taste like they are air fryed and the sauces are spicy but yummy.

  40. The Smokehouse in Grandview on Riverside Drive near Grandview Avenue. They were associated with Barley's at one time. Wings are soaked in brine, smoked, flash grilled, and lightly sauced. No breading. I go out of my way to get them. Try the 'Texas' sauce if you like sweet and tangy or "Devil's Tongue" if you want some heat.

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