help me understand

  1. I don't understand it and I don't particularly like it but I applaud his creative ability and it probably makes him very happy...

  2. It’s an urban fording setup. I see this is the dual snorkel model with the triple frito down draft system. Very high performance modification.

  3. Well what you’ve encountered is true awesomeness. Often replicated never duplicated. If explored further it with smells like drakar noir or black ice. Venture under the seat to find remnants of fast food and cigarette cellophane. Maybe rough around the edges but reeks of raw power. Sure maybe there’s a trick or two to get the ac to work properly. But the women you can pull with a machine like this. They have been run harder than the car. Light to light. Slam on the gas, red line it. Jam on the brakes harder than the pull out game. Definitely some shady electronics and lighting. An AUX cord that quit working months ago. The good news is the buy here pay here lot is behind on repos and the owner has moved back to moms house. Gas gauge continually below a 1/4 tank. Dare I get into mechanical? Only thing to note is 10k past due on oil change and badly needs a new exhaust system. Don’t laugh at it though. Your daughter may be inside. Riding with some slim shady wanna be, only thing stronger than his game is his cologne and lust for underage girls. If legal age guaranteed daddy issues, meth addiction

  4. Sometimes people like things that you do not like. This sort of thing happens all the time. For example, I love The Smiths. My wife thinks Morrissey is a whiney little bitch. Unlike you, my wife doesn't attempt to shame me on the internet because we like different things.

  5. Some people just enjoy modding cars even if there is no utility to it. It's like taking something that there are thousands of copies of and making it your own. Others may not appreciate it but it's a fun and sometimes weird expression of whoever owns it. Just think of it as art, because it is.

  6. Help me understand why OP took the time to take the photo and make a Reddit post about it, but didn't have the decency to black out the license plate.

  7. Uhm yeah, if you happened upon that car on the street, a blurred out license plate would be the thing preventing you from realizing this post is about that car.

  8. Why not. Let people be creative. Much more rewarding than being critical about the “unusual”.

  9. Haters gonna hate. Tell me, who sounds more like a loser? Someone driving a car with modifications you don't typically see in your day-to-day drive, or some dipshit on reddit who has a snarky comment to post anonymously because they wouldn't have the chutzpah to say it to the guy's face? Lmao

  10. I think that might be a brand new time machine, but I would think they would pick a Saturn or Pontiac since they no longer make those...

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