Hit Hot Chicken Takeover at the North Market today. If you have never been, make a point to go. Beware, the hot is HOT.

  1. The hot chicken takeover in the new crew stadium doesn't advertise anything hotter than "warm". I think it's so they can get people in and out of line very quickly. When I was there last week I asked for the hottest they could make it for me. It was way hotter than their normal holy.

  2. Okay, I love HCT's chicken, but I just wish their side selection was better. Except for the banana pudding, that shit is fire.

  3. This is kind of where I am with it. I guess I have just had my fill 🤷‍♂️. I never stopped believing it's delicious, it just isn't something that comes up as sounding good whenever I'm deciding on a place in the moment. I used to eat there relatively often and every time it was great, but I probably haven't eaten there in a couple years by now. I think it might be the intense heartburn I've gotten a couple times too many and/or the occasional stomach-bomb it creates inside me that have just kind of turned me off to enjoying it anymore.

  4. Every time HCT gets brought up, it seems like the majority of people on here shit on it. I’m bummed because I really like it, but just tried it for the first time last year. If it was even better before, then I really missed out!

  5. HCT, particularly the the one at the North Market, is really great. I do think it was better before the pandemic, but I think that's a lot of things. Maybe it'll recover well in time.

  6. I like it a lot but the last time I went the tea isn’t free anymore and holy shit is it expensive now. I don’t know if I’ll ever go again.

  7. We were pretty disappointed in them charging for tea and ranch. The old slogan was literally something like “always free” with regards to the tea. We’ll still go there every once in a while, but it’s not a destination anymore.

  8. I used to think the hit was really hot until I moved to Nashville and tried Hattie B’s Hot. I used to always order HCT hot but can’t do it at Hattie’s.

  9. I'd been to Hattie's in AL and TN a few times before trying HTC recently and they may have been having a bad day nut HTC didn't even come close.

  10. Honestly I think the heatt level varies by location. I don't think the hot at the Westerville location is as hot as the Easton hot. Those are my only two days points though.

  11. That's a bummer. Kind of assumed it was going to happen eventually though, always seems to happen as places grow into chains. I've always liked the quality of the chicken every time I've been, but admittedly haven't eaten there in a couple years or so by now.

  12. It's not what it once was. Seems like the north market store either over Cooks, or isn't getting the quality of chicken it once did as it's dry. I've popped up the street to the eagle and the hot honey on their chicken. The sides there round out a better bang for my buck. Succotash is better than HCT coleslaw, especially when there aren't peanuts (sounds.. Well... nuts... But it's tasty)

  13. Hot chicken has definitely gone down hill, they were so good 3 years ago. Now they are just a decent chicken place.

  14. In my experience it’s a crapshoot. Depends on the location, depends on the day. Hot just means that they coat it with some amount of the cayenne sauce.

  15. People shit on it now because it is a far cry from what it was in the beginning. Joe had something special when he was cooking and serving chicken out of a window in Old Town. Once they opened the 3rd location and beyond, It’s been downhill. There is no consistency. The quality is no longer there like it was. If you never had it back in it’s beginnings, then sure, it’s fine now. But it used to be amazing.

  16. Back when there was a line around the corner and they shut down when they ran out of chicken…. It was something special. I definitely still think it’s good, but it’s not incredible like it used to be

  17. I don’t get the Crispy Coop hype. Had it a couple times and it was ok… but pretty generic I thought. Maybe I’m missing something.

  18. I like crispy coop but not nearly hot enough for me. I get Extra Holy at HCT and I still wish it had some more heat.

  19. HCT has gone down hill but is still better than the Crispy Coop in my opinion. Chicken quality sucked, sides and seasoning were horribly bland. HCT is missing a lot from what it once was but it definitely isn't bland.

  20. Their hot is a low level. They have better sides but their hot chicken isn’t hot. If I want hot chicken I’m not going to Crispy Coop

  21. I had it at Easton last week and it was a little dried out. But generally, I do like their flavor recipe.

  22. Had it come out dry maybe once, twice at most. Have gone probably close to 50 times since they've been open if not more. Multiple locations.

  23. Call me crazy but KFC has the best Nashville hot sauce in town, but terrible chicken. HCT chicken and sauce is bland all hot no flavor.

  24. I by no means would consider it the best, but I have to admit, I've tried their Nashville hot chicken (tenders I think though) a couple times and it was way better than I was expecting...though it's not like I was expecting much at all in the first place. It's not something I'd consider great overall relative to other places, but for such a massive fast food chain, they did a pretty solid job 🤷‍♂️

  25. I took my family yesterday to the one in Westerville. The hot is indeed hot, but holy is more fun.

  26. Love the addition of tenders to the line up. Used to always do the boneless breast but sometimes would walk away a little hungry still. The tenders are basically 1 boneless + 1/3rd of a boneless for $1.50 more. Now my new go to. The fact you can customize the tender heat levels as you'd like (I did 2 warm, 1 hot) is just a nice bonus.

  27. I’ve never had HCT, do they have a mild option? i’d love to try but i cannot handle very much spice because of sensory issues TIA

  28. This was my go to place in Columbus. So good. And… very affordable. I miss it everyday since i moved to a different state.

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