Neighbor's Deli

  1. Not sad to see it go. Went to go eat there once and got hit with a big ol "Nobody wants to work anymore!" sign on the door. Pay your employees a living wage.

  2. Yeah, I’ve eaten there a quite a lot over the years and the food is good but the owner always rubbed me the wrong way - I saw him treat some employees pretty crappy (yelling at them, at different times so wasn’t just one bad day), and several times seemed like he was complaining to customers about stuff…nothing terrible, just kind of felt unprofessional and made me uncomfortable.

  3. Not nice people, went once years ago, never again. Not A friendly vibe at all. Sure the “regulars” are treated well, They won’t keep you in business forever if others don’t come back. Let’s just be over the sob stories of businesses closing. Good businesses are thriving still, look yourself in the mirror instead of blaming literally everything else in the world for your business closing.

  4. I would advise against getting food on the last day a business is operating…..unless you’re looking to take a sick day tomorrow

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