Russian Mi-35 was shot down by Ukrainian Air Defense.

  1. I'm guessing with the video setup, and the what appears to me perfect angle for the shot, Someone on the Russian side took the same path one too many times.

  2. Even if you completely ignore any moral aspect of the war, this is one of the most clear, HD, well-angled pieces of combat footage I've ever seen. It literally looks like a movie, it's insane. This is a real-life shooting war and here it is being broadcast to millions of people with perfect cinematography. It's so surreal that this is a real-life person's last, terrified, screaming moment in the world in a real shooting war and we're all here gawking at it like it's a new Marvel movie or something. Imagine if we had this sort of thing during WW2?

  3. The camera work is as surgical as the manpad. It pisses me off that I'm searching for sources and confirmation purely because of how good the footage is.

  4. That’s the clearest footage I’ve ever seen of (presumably) MANPADS in use. Not only that, but we immediately see the crash and aftermath, all in HD.

  5. I heard the justification for manpads vs more conventional stationary AA. The west figured Russian military would heavily out gun the Ukraine if they went more conventional AA itd easily be knocked out.

  6. piggyback on top comment, there's a Ukrainian dude trying to get as many camera drones into Ukraine as possible to do away with the saying "first victim in war is truth". If you're willing to support, please visit > Https://

  7. Same. Such HD footage of a modern helicopter being blown to firey bits within seconds gives me the weirdest, most uncomfortable feeling. I felt pretty weird after the cockpit video of a plane (I think) getting shotdown by a rocket. I guess I have it in my head as seeing modern vehicles being relatively untouchable due to most uses being against insurgents with shitty weaponry. Even Saddam had relatively modern AA but we simply overwhelmed them in targeted strikes.

  8. I think this war has really demonstrated that well trained and supplied modern infantry can hold their own against mechanized assaults. I don’t think the balance of power has been this far in the infantry’s favor since pre-WW1. Javelins, TOWs, and stingers are game-changers

  9. I feel that was the general assumption well before this war. What this war also demonstrates is that Russia does not care.

  10. I think it more importantly shows that wars of conquest are a really shit idea against a country with somewhat modern weaponry.

  11. It's absolutely insane to see it. One little person can kill a hundred-million-dollar machine. 20th century armor is truly done. Idk about classified armor composites but I bet those only improve survivability for the crew not the vehicle

  12. Russians are fighting in a bad way. Tanks and APCs shouldn't ride solo ahead of everyone. They should have infantry ahead/to the sides, use various vehicles to provide covering fire (one moves, other covers), etc.

  13. Yom kippur war demonstrated how effective a defense with anti tank and air armament is in 70s. The Egyptian army had it all under the control until they become overconfident and left their defensive lines to push further into Israel. That broke their carefully constructed AA umbrella and anti tank lines

  14. 100 infantries with 100 electric bikes and 100 javelin can destroy a full tank army, move faster and require less energy to continue to fight the war.

  15. Thought the same, why bother with a couple millions for a tank when one guy with a mobile system for a fraction of a cost can cut it down easly

  16. And apparently the West has supplied Ukraine with thousands of them thangs, (and it will keep flowing in cos apparently the money ain't an issue for the US)... atleast one per every vehicle Russia is bringing in.

  17. It's like playing Battlefield, flying a Plane/Helicopter or Tank just isnt fun anymore because every second player has a rocket launcher

  18. Yom Kippur War. First IDF counterattack against the Egyptian bridgeheads on the east bank of the Suez canal. Massive force of armour and fighter-bombers got absolutely shredded by the Egyptians who had something like 1 anti-tank missile for every 3 infantrymen plus full SAM coverage of the canal zone. Well trained and motivated infantry with shitloads of anti-tank and surface to air missiles fighting defensively can wreck an attacking force that hasn't properly trained their infantry and armour to fight together.

  19. I mean just take a glance over at the Middle East, Syria and all that, there’s tons of clips of tanks just getting hit by TOW’s from a concealed location

  20. Yeah, this is one of those well shot videos that are going to get reposted for decades, posted in propaganda, and probably used for studies/demonstrations.

  21. piggyback on top comment, there's a Ukrainian dude trying to get as many camera drones into Ukraine as possible to do away with the saying "first victim in war is truth". If you're willing to support, please visit > Https://

  22. Probably no way to tell unless you have serious expertise. But I'd guess the small size, relatively slow speed, and flat trajectory (maybe fired from a building or something?) points to a MANPADS of some kind. UA has a shit ton of different MANPADSs though.

  23. It's impossible to fake something like this. It's just too perfect. Even in Hollywood movies they don't do it this well and they have huge budgets and time.

  24. The moment when everything is upside down just feels awful, like you can feel the weight dragging them down to Earth from the motion, and what the crew might be feeling in their last moments like a dream you can still remember.

  25. was about to post this video. Such a tragic loss of life, both in this video and in the one posted here. Putin is to blame for both of them.

  26. Light scratches, dirt on the wings, diagnosis: prop wash running low. Fill 'er up with a few extra gallons of Raymond's Deluxe Prop Wash and she'll run like new.

  27. I have conducted my own research, literally reviewing several hours of old American "A-Team" episodes. If I'm not badly mistaken, the crew will soon emerge from the smoke coughing and shaking their heads.

  28. Damn... those pilots were alive and fine at the start of the video... 5sec later theyre dead... war is scary but if I had to die in a war, this doesnt seem all too bad... 3 or so seconds of confusion and panic before eternal non-existance sounds way better than bleeding to death after getring shot in the stomach or something...

  29. That's why you don't think about it too much. Seeing dead soldiers in pieces or in puddles of blood with their personal items around them will hit you in the feels if you let it get to you. That guy woke up in the morning, took a piss, brushed his teeth, ate his breakfast, had banter with his mates and later that day he dies one of the most violent deaths imaginable.

  30. As an aviation nerd there’s a general sense in the aviation community of admiration and respect that even if they’re you’re enemy, you share a common love and fascination of aviation. So part of me is extremely sad that in an instant these pilots were killed, not even a chance to autorotate and survive, it’s sad. Fuck Putin. Slava Ukraine

  31. A week ago they are probably laughing while drinking a couple of beers. Playing pool while discussing on how to surprise Sergeiy with his retirement party.

  32. Its okay, they probably signed the discharge papers, as far as Russia is concerned, they weren’t even there

  33. What needless loss of life. I know they are aggressors and (basing this on Russian claims, don't know for sure) those men are in the Russian army voluntarily, but I can't feel anything but sadness watching these clips. It all just feels so pointless.

  34. I feel so bad for those pilots. Thrust into this bullshit by an asshole. He deserved to be the one blown out of the sky, not them. He lives the high life.

  35. Flying a rotor aircraft in this contested airspace and a thousand of stingers literally flying around, yeah, hardpass.

  36. Nah they to deeply brainwashed. Generation after generation. They will think this is western propaganda. Ukrainians shoot there own helicopters or some shit :D Russia not even real country. Its fucking PutinLand with 140 million slaves :D

  37. This is so high quality that I thought it was fake at first haha. Great footage. Is this filmed by a drone, the movement is kinda snappy which makes me thing its a CCTV cam on an electrical tower or something

  38. There are 4 seconds from the moment the helicopter is hit until impact with the ground. The pilot probably didn't even have the time to realize what is going on.

  39. Depends on the projectile fired - some are basically massive hand grenades. (The rocket used to take down the civilan airliner a few years back was this type and shreaded the cockpit (and pilots) to peices)

  40. The loss of life sucks, no matter who it may be. However, it’s sooo fucken nice watching stuff like this without some fucken dickbag screaming ‘allah hu Akbar!’ On repeat.

  41. Poor souls on both sides. Senseless war. To be killed. To have to kill. My heart aches so much, there are no words to express the sorrow.

  42. Anyone else hate the reddit video player with a passion? I'm on a gigabit wired connection and though the video does play without buffering when I select "720p", (the maximum for some reason), I get an endless buffering icon that overlays the video and dims it while it plays.

  43. All the military experts were saying how the tank might be obsolete. But damn, the helicopters vs conventional army is blow wide open. Attack helicopters and transport helicopters have been getting hit badly. I can't wait for the documentaries from the pilots that had to fly through this shit.

  44. Due to the low altitude of this helicopter I think it was destroyed by Polish MANPAD Piorun ("Thunderbolt" in Polish). The Stinger can't attack targets below 180 m.

  45. no more peacekeeping for that helicopter. i hope the airbags popped and the pilot got away without a scratch so he can peacekeep further.

  46. You want a high resolution drone for your spotting in order to spot at long range. That's the obvious explanation for how we got this vid.

  47. Mi-35 listed in RAF equipment doesn't have a retractable landing gear, so it's something different. Can't find the coloration anywhere.

  48. And to think that last week that poor guy was just minding his own business. Now he's gone. A talented pilot that could have been doing so many more useful things thrown away for stupid ambition.

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