Su-34 firing S8 rockets at Ukrainians position.

  1. It's way bizarre. I think this is very telling using this type of strike asset for dumb unguided rockets. WTF?

  2. They are using Su-34's for dumb rocket attacks? That's a f'ing crazy misuse of assets. No wonder so many got shot down.

  3. hahah wtf they using a su-34 for unguided munitions? Shit this is like watching noobs play dcs trying to figure out how to play.

  4. As many are pointing out the footage "If really over Ukraine and not training" is cool but bizarre for the "second most powerful military in the world". This would be like the F-15 taking on A-10 rocket pods and doing ground attack.... why not use a SU-25 for this?

  5. The Su-34 is a strike aircraft, its loadouts originally specified that it was designed to carry S-8 rockets and provide CAS. It's built on the Su-27 airframe which is an ASF, but modified to fit its niche- it certainly can carry out missions that would be tasked to an F-15E, but it can also perform CAS actions as well.

  6. I could definitely be wrong, but my first thought was that this has to be training. Why would the Ukrainians be concentrated in a dark spot in the middle of a huge snow covered field?

  7. No, it's like using a close air support fighter, like our a-10, to perform close air support. Should it be making a brrrt sound instead? Would that make a difference?

  8. When UA announced they downed su-34s I thought it was bullshit propaganda. Seeing this video makes it all believable lol. Why are the Russians fighting like it's the 1980s

  9. Huh? This sub was always about showing both sides. It's getting infected with a lot of bias, if anything. Your post is an example. Yeah there's Russian trolls and Russian propaganda, but this footage is legit.

  10. ? The footage coming out is mostly Russian lately, although the front page will be filled with 3 different post of the same AT weapon scratching a Russian tank instead so you might not notice

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